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Tobii Sono Suite

Includes Sono Lexis, Sono Key and Sono Scribe.

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4269430659 Tobii Sono Suite (includes Lexis, Key & Scribe) CD-Rom PC£799.00

Full Product Description

Sono Lexis

This powerful modular system of symbol vocabulary page sets enables users without literacy skills to build sentences word by word. Sono Lexis combines the advantages of motor memory learning by solid navigation architecture with the approach of the Fitzgerald Key, a one-symbol-perconcept layout. Users need neither learn hundreds of abstract icon combinations, nor lose their way in the maze of ready designed symbol pages.

The system adopts the concept of a core vocabulary, meaning that a moderate number of flexible and generic words make up a large portion of all spoken utterances. Page sets are easy to individualise and maintain, but most importantly, the concept shortens the user’s initial learning phase. Focus has been put on enabling users to manouevre through the vocabulary autonomously. Smart navigation functions offer a variety of feedback features, maximum structure consistency, and a step-by-step complexity gauge.

Grammar functions, like changing verb tenses, are easy to apply and it is easy to personalise the settings. A ‘quick access’ variant increases speed for advanced users. Three different grid sizes, each with a high structure and quick access variant, coupled with the context module system, ensure that Sono Lexis matches a range of preferences and needs.

Modules such as phone use, text messaging (SMS), instant messaging or email are easily incorporated into Sono Lexis, and fully benefit from the sophisticated functions of Tobii Communicator software.

Sono Lexis

Sono Key

This user interface for Tobii Communicator provides streamlined, comprehensive and easy access to your communication device and computer.

The intuitive design in Sono Key allows for a wide range of input methods. You can create speech-synthesised messages as well as store and print documents. You can also control other key computer functions like calendars, email, chat, SMS, media players, photo libraries and Windows controls.

Personalising input methods is accomplished in a few seconds and you can choose from different keyboard layouts including abc, QWERTY and eye control keyboards. Use direct selection by click or touch, or via adjusted dwell time, scanning and eye control.

  • Text-to-speech - type and let your computer speak for you.
  • Quick phrases - store as many sentences as you want and communicate faster.
  • Send and receive email with the support of synthetic speech.
  • Also includes instant messaging, calendar functionality, a music player, photo browser and calculator.
  • Mobile phone functionality - send and receive SMS messages and make phone calls.
  • Program environmental control functions for the TV, lights and more.

Sono Key requires Tobii Communicator Premium to run. Some functions require a mobile phone subscription and an Internet connection.

Sono Key

Sono Scribe

Many literate AAC users prefer to express themselves via typing, but can be frustrated by their output rate. Sono Scribe enhances typing speed using word prediction and smart phrasing.

In Sono Scribe, prediction is highly efficient thanks to the way it categorises and sorts the frequency of items.

An extensive library of over 1,300 words and phrases offers both frequency based core vocabulary and phrases that are used often.

Sono Scribe features

  • Alphabetised, colour coded vocabulary and visual anchors for ease in locating vocabulary.
  • Access via topical/grammatical word prediction dictionaries to over 18,000 high frequency words, plus standard dictionaries of 5,000 to 50,000 words using on-screen keyboards.
  • “Next Word” prediction based on the user’s individual writing style.
  • “Smart” phrase prediction for faster communication, with access to over 600 ready-made, customisable phrases.
  • Quick access to verb tenses, common word endings and more.
  • Add friends’ names or personal phrases.
  • Choice of QWERTY, alphabetical and frequency of use keyboards.
  • Designed for all access methods, including eye control.

The program provides keyboard and mouse emulation computer access plus functions like instant messaging, the Internet and email. It also provides on-screen keyboards for access to common applications.

Sono Scribe

Please note: all software requires Tobii Communicator Premium to run.


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