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The Inclusive Interactive Plasma Screen - Case Studies

Case Studies

What you said...

"I've seen the plasma screen that Inclusive do and I am sold on it. The picture quality is superb, it is fairly portable (within a room easy), height adjustable and, unless you are using it in a huge room, I think it is just perfect. You can do anything on it you can do on an IWB. Our service recently bought an IWB for training purposes but now I've seen the plasma I wish we'd waited and got one of those instead."

Jean Craig
Redcar and Cleveland In-School Support Services

"I'd suggest the interactive plasma touch screen from Inclusive. Very mobile, stable, clear, and unlike interactive whiteboards no shadow - vital when teaching children with autism, and helpful for everyone else! For wheelchair users and tall/short users, MUCH more easily adjusted to a useful height. Largest one is 50 inches - as big as any movable IWB. May look more expensive, but remember the cost of the alternative has to include several bulbs (you will get through several, at several hundred pounds a time - every time the short throw projector is jolted!)"

Rik Ludlow
Writer, Special! Magazine.

"We were so delighted by our Plasma screen that we ordered another one. The Plasma screen has opened up a new world for our PMLD pupils, who are entranced by the quality and size of the graphics. Wheelchair users can access their programs in comfort and can demonstrate aspects of their day to the whole school using PowerPoint and movie presentations. Early Years pupils are demonstrably more focussed and their ICT skills have improved significantly as they are excited and motivated by the Plasma screens."

Helen Morgan
PMLD teacher and ICT co-ordinator at Crownbridge Special School, Torfaen.

"In my class (pupils with PMLD) we have one 50" screen. It has been excellent. Pupils who previously turned away from, or who showed no apparent response to programs on an ordinary touch screen monitor are now actively working at the board - especially using programs like Big Bang.

The visual quality is amazing - even with all our blinds up, and the classroom lights on. There is a startling difference in visual quality between our plasma screen and the other whiteboards throughout the school...
I would definitely buy another one."

Catherine Hunt, Manor Green Primary School

"I'd never go back to the fixed IBWs. We have 5 Interactive Plasma Screens which are shared by the whole school ie 17 classes. We have found no negative points at all and think they are brilliant. Highly portable; we use them a lot for training purposes and governor meetings for example; low maintenance; no bulbs to be replaced; no extra security needed for projectors; and we went for the smaller size so the pupils are able to reach all of the screen. We also use jelly beamers for those pupils with restricted mobility."

Pam Heggie, ICT Senior Leader, Greenacre School

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