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Clicker 7

Clicker is a child-friendly writing tool that enables students of all abilities to significantly develop their literacy skills.

You can now choose eye gaze within Clicker 7 as your students input method and give your eye gaze users access to personalised literacy support across the curriculum.

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8227Clicker 7 single computer licence CD-Rom M/PC£250.00
8228Clicker 7 - 5 computers (one school) licence CD-Rom M/PC£600.00
8229Clicker 7 - 10 computers (one school ) licence M/PC£900.00
8537Clicker 7 - 20 computers (one school) licence CD-Rom M/PC£1,300.00
8230Clicker 7 - 40 computers (one school ) licence M/PC£1,800.00
8231Clicker 7 - site (one school ) licence M/PC£2,200.00
8270Clicker 7 @home CD-Rom M/PC£104.00

Full Product Description

Clicker 7

Eye Gaze Access

Clicker 7 is optimised to work with the myGaze eye tracker. Simply select eye gaze as the input method within Clicker 7 and start using your myGaze Assistive System. Dwell time can be adjusted within Clicker 7’s eye gaze settings.

Clicker 7 is truly 'eye gaze enabled' so, as long as your students gaze remains within the edges of a cell or key in a grid, the dwell selection will continue.

The SuperKeys function provides a unique ‘zoom’ solution for eye gaze users who need a bigger target area. SuperKeys enlarges keys or cells within a group or cluster. Click anywhere within the cluster to enlarge it, then select the enlarged key or cell required.

Your eye gaze users can now access the huge range of Clicker Grids available - sentence building grids, word bank grids, writing frames, matching activities, talking books and speaking and listening activities. Download grids or simply create your own to customise them to your student’s needs.

Your eye gaze users can write using the on-screen keyboard with intelligent word prediction support and SuperKeys function.

Clicker 7

Clicker 7 offers a variety of exciting new features:

More pupil support

Clicker Board
Clicker users now have a built-in planning tool to help them prepare for writing. Pupils manipulate and link words, pictures and sounds on their Clicker Board, and benefit from key Clicker support features as they work.

Voice Notes
Pupils can record their own Voice Notes before they write. This enables them to vocally rehearse their sentences, and offers a powerful way for children to capture their initial thoughts and ideas.

Children's voices
Clicker's brand new children's voices gives pupils the opportunity to hear their work read back to them in a friendly, age-appropriate voice that they can identify with. This realistic speech feedback encourages them to actively review and self-correct their work.

Enhanced word prediction
Clicker 7 takes word prediction to the next level; the suggestions are even more context sensitive, and teachers can now add new words to the bank to make it completely relevant to their specific learning content and school environment.

CrickPix graphics library
Clicker 7 includes an even bigger, broader library of over 3,500 curriculum pictures. The library gives pupils easy access to relevant illustrations for their work, and teachers have a high quality bank of images at their fingertips.

Use at home
Give pupils access to a consistent level of literacy support at home and at school by investing in the Clicker 7 Site Licence. This enables Clicker to be installed on all school computers and the home computers of teachers, TAs and pupils.

Clicker 7

More teacher support

Easy activity editing
It was easy to create activities with the wizards introduced in Clicker 6. Clicker 7 takes this one step further by using wizards for editing too, making it easy to customise activities for different ability levels.

'Getting started' step-by-step guides
Get instant access to Clicker 7 training materials via the Quick Start screen. Whether you're familiar with Clicker or completely new to the software, the step-by-step videos and PDFs will help you get started quickly.

Word Pool
With Word Pool, you can add any word to Clicker's knowledge base to ensure it's pronounced properly by the speech engine, suggested by the predictor and accepted by the spell checker.

Word Pool is also a fantastic tool for targeted interventions - use it to tackle the specific spelling patterns your pupils are really struggling with.

Clicker 7

More access support

In addition to streamlined switch access and full touch screen compatibility, there are two new access options to Clicker 7; eye gaze support and SuperKeys, a unique access method for learners who need bigger target areas.

Free Content for Clicker 7 at www.LearningGrids.com


Compatible with: Windows: 7 / 8 / 10
Mac OS X: 10.9 / 10.10 / 10.11

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