99 Communication Technology Choose between two activities, such as listening to music or a story. iTalk2 with Levels is also perfect for asking and answering questions, telling jokes and making comments in social situations. ∙  Record a choice of two messages and playback by pressing the coloured tops. ∙  2 minutes recording time, 3 levels. ∙  Includes dual toy/appliance jacks. ∙  64mm diameter. ∙  1 x 9v battery included. The Story Sequencer acts as a multi- functional learning tool, it enables you to record up to six different messages with a 10 second duration. Ideal for wall mounting and displays and great for learning about numbers, colours and shapes or animals, with learners recording their own voice, messages and noises! ∙  Dimensions: 11.5cm x 5.5cm x 2cm. ∙  3 x AAA batteries included. Simply record up to a 10 second message then simply roll the cube on the floor or table to hear the message you have recorded on the side that finishes uppermost. A great resource for encouraging turn-taking, creating stories, sequencing and sound effects. Six recordable sides, each with a clear pocket to add your own pictures or words. Simply record a different message into each side and then activate your recording by either pressing the play button or rolling the cube. ∙  Dimensions: 15cm x 15cm x 15cm. ∙  3 x AA batteries included. A four message communication aid offering optional vibrating and LED illuminated feedback. Includes four output jacks provided for external connections to toys or appliances and four input jacks for switch access. Lightweight and portable, shoulder strap included. Record and play back four messages on a light touch membrane panel. Standard message length of 8 seconds per message. ∙  Dimensions: 32cm x 16.5cm x 5.7cm. ∙  4 x AAA batteries included. |  Partner Four Plus £195 £235 4331 4333 Partner Four Plus - Standard LED and Vibrating Feedback |  Chatter-Block £25 6620 Chatter-Block |  Story Sequencer £25 4728 Story Sequencer (Recordable Bar) ∙  Easy to learn and use, yet powerful enough to be a great voice output device ∙  Communication aid that allows recording of up to eight messages on multiple levels. ∙  Built-in keyguard storage, volume control with lockout feature and crystal clear sound. ∙  16 minutes recording time. ∙  1, 2, 4 and 8 message grid options with matching keyguards. ∙  8 levels (sets of messages). ∙  8 input jacks to enable direct switch control. ∙  2 jacks for toy control. ∙  ‘Step ahead’ jack to use a switch and make it playback sequentially. ∙  305mm x 220mm x 45mm. ∙  4 x AA batteries included. |  iTalk2 with Levels £152 3541 iTalk2 with Levels |  SuperTalker £290 3540 SuperTalker ∙  Single message device with a large, lightly activated playback area. ∙  3 x AAA batteries included. ∙  30 seconds recording time. ∙  Easily connects to other Partner/Pluses to provide a choice of messages. ∙  Elevated platform and slot for picture cards - ideal for teaching object discrimination. ∙  Dimensions: 14cm x 17cm x 5cm. |  Partner/Plus £72 3280 Partner/Plus