A robust and adjustable headset with a built-in microphone. Ideal for individual voice recording work. Replaceable ear cushions cover the whole ear to minimise outside noise and to increase comfort. Quick release cable means that the cable can be replaced if it becomes damaged. Cable 1.2m. 99 Educational Technology A set of four brightly coloured rechargeable remote control cars on four separate frequencies for battery free collaborative play. Headlights light up as the cars move forwards and reverse to change direction. Use indoors or outdoors. Supplied with recharging docking station for storage and power adapter. The Wonderbug is a waterproof remote controlled bug which can be used indoors and outdoors. The three controls allow it to be moved forwards, backwards, left and right. ∙  It can also rotate on the spot and is able to zigzag between obstacles. ∙  There are four separate control channels, allowing four separate Wonderbugs to be used at once. ∙  Rechargeable Lithium Ion battery pack included. •  Dimensions: 30cm x 25cm x 20cm. A set of four delightful remote control cats that meow when stroked and are controlled with a simple one button unit. These cats are the perfect introduction to remote control and technology. Block out the outside world and distractions with NoiseOff. Designed for comfort, with a superior Noise Reduction Rating of 26 decibels, NoiseOff is lightweight and compact, with an adjustable headband. Safe, robust and comfortable 3.5mm jack headphones with built-in loudness limiter and volume control. They are robust and lightweight without compromising comfort. ∙  Volume output limited to 85 decibels. ∙  Extra thick, no tangle cord. Length: 2.4m. |  Easi-Headset USB £21 6706 Easi-Headset USB |  Clevy Headphones £19 5078 Clevy Headphones £30 n/a NoiseOff Hearing Protector £145 8792 Clever Cats A delightful set of five cars that propel forwards without the need for batteries. ∙  As they move along the cars light up, causing a stimulus-response reaction. ∙  Each car has a different pattern: stars, suns, circles, swirls and diamonds. ∙  Designed specifically as an introduction to electronic resources. ∙  Great for developing fine motor skills and learning about force and movement. ∙  Set includes five black cars. ∙  Length: 11cm. |  Wonderbug £110 7329 Wonderbug £45 8592 Brilliant Brummers |  Easi-Cars £120 7164 Easi-Cars   Clever Cats   Brilliant Brummers   NoiseOff Hearing Protector