90 The Doo-zy 2 includes all the functions and features of the Doo-zy Classic, as well as two exciting new features, a play/ pause option and a randomizer. The Doo-zy 2 Kit also includes the My-Doo-zy Journey Book. Communication Technology A unique device that illuminates and vibrates and which can be used as a communicator or switch with a host of essential features for both. Use your Doo-zy to control a wide range of toys and sensory equipment using a connected lead or wireless infra-red technology. You can even use it to control a television or music player! Press the switch to record sounds and messages using the internal microphone. ∙  Communicator with up to 6.5 hours of recording time. ∙  Sequenced communicator with almost limitless steps. ∙  Plug a switch into the external switch socket. ∙  Use as a music player or audio book by plugging in a microphone or MP3 player to record. ∙  Use as a universal infra-red remote control to interact with toys, sensory equipment and much more. ∙  Connect toys and use the switch function to control either direct, latched, timed, timed off and opposite modes. ∙  Use as a timer with the large LED display to count time up or down. ∙  Use the Magic Eye ‘invisible beam’ to control your Doo-zy without touching. ∙  The large switch area will illuminate and vibrates upon pressing. Programme it to your preference! Supplied as a kit which includes the Doo-zy, a carry bag, mains charger, wall bracket, graphic cards and complete with adaptors and leads. Optional My-Doozy Journey book is packed with ideas and practical examples for classroom use. | Doo-zy Classic Switch Kit £249 7616 Doo-zy 2 Switch Kit £199 £20 £300 5695 6886 7619 Doo-zy Classic Switch Kit My-Doo-zy Journey Book Doozy Classic and Click-On 2 | Doo-zy 2 Switch Kit Magic Cloud lets learners link their physical and digital worlds. Use Magic Cloud to link objects to a sound file, picture or video on your computer. The Magic Cloud is a soft cushion that connects to a the computer via a USB port. It is programmed to recognise when small plastic tags are placed on it. Users can link these tags to images, video or audio using the included software when they are placed on the cloud. Use it with an interactive board or large screen to provide simple direct interaction without a keyboard or mouse. Use symbols or pictures linked to a sound recording, digital photograph or video file to help a child understand the meaning of the symbol or to use the tags to make simple choices. £60 £90 £120 n/a n/a n/a Magic Cloud, 2 x PlingTags and software Magic Cloud, 30 x PlingTags and software Additional 10 user software licence PC | Magic Cloud   Let's Speak 24 Plus A new multi-level communicator from AMDi offering; ∙  24 messages plus 4 core messages. ∙  10 levels of communications standard. ∙  10 seconds per message standard. ∙  Overlay uses standard letter size paper. ∙  Volume control on front cover to give the user more control. ∙  Level select on the front cover for those users that can change their own overlays. ∙  Volume and Level select lock feature to prevent unwanted changes. ∙  Carrying strap can be connected to any four corners quickly and easily. ∙  Optional carrying handle, wedge to change angle and rechargeable battery. £249 9078 Let's Speak 24 Plus