88 A large sized art tray with an A3 ultra bright light panel with rounded edges included. The panel uses low energy LED strip technology to provide a clean bright illuminated background. The Art Tray is made from clear robust polycarbonate. Users will enjoy the light panel effect when making patterns, drawing or painting to create interesting textures and effects. Dimensions: Tray; 56.5cm x 44cm x 10cm and A3 Light Panel; 48cm x 35.2cm x 1cm (illuminated area 41cm x 28.5cm). Sensory Technology The Liquid Floor Tiles provide a wonderful visual and tactile experience that really will encourage users to move around and explore the surfaces. Ideal for use in sensory rooms or environments, the bright colours and ever changing shapes encourage visual stimulation as well as movement and touch. Large Tile: 50cm x 50cm. Small Tile: 30cm x 30cm. Offers the opportunity to explore the effects of colour mixing, opacity and transparency and to observe natural and man-made objects in an interesting and different way. Uses the latest LED strips and diffusers to evenly illuminate the panel in any one of 20 colours. The supplied infra-red remote control can be set for individual colour or to rotate through a sequence of colours slowly. Dimensions: Diameter 70cm. Illuminated area diameter 64cm. The ultra- strong illuminated hollow plastic table is an aesthetically pleasing cotton reel shape, and can be placed around the room or used in a sensory den. Choose one of 16 different colours or set it to fade smoothly through the entire spectrum of shades from a cool ultra-violet to a warm red. The colour spreads evenly throughout the whole shape. Powered by a low voltage mains power supply with a 6 hour charge, providing an average of 10 hours of light inside or out. Dimensions: Diameter 70cm x Height 40cm. |  Round Colour Changing Light Panel |  Sensory Mood Light Table £160 8410 Sensory Mood Light Table |  A3 Light Panel & Art Tray £120 8430 A3 Light Panel & Art Tray Ideal for group work where users can access the light panel from all sides. Provides for a bright arena of evenly dispersed white light for use in any area of the classroom but it is particularly impressive in a dark corner where quiet focussed observation is more easily achieved. Lights come with a safe low voltage power supply and the life expectancy of the LEDs is up to 50,000 hours. Dimensions: Small; diameter 50cm (illuminated area 42.8cm) and Large; diameter 70cm (illuminated area 62.8cm). |  Ultra Bright Round Light £130 £190 8428 8429 Ultra Bright Round Light - Small Ultra Bright Round Light - Large £250 8411 Round Colour Changing Light Panel |  Liquid Floor Tiles £200 £200 £80 8932 8933 8934 Liquid Floor Tiles - Large Square Liquid Floor Tiles - Large Round Liquid Floor Tiles - Small Square   Interactive Floor Tile The Interactive Floor Tile is a wonderful visual and tactile light up experience that will encourage users to interact within a classroom or sensory environment. Lights change according to touch and pressure. Dimensions: 50cm x 50cm. £162 9297 Interactive Floor Tile