88 Communication Technology Great for creative learning and play. Flick the switch to ‘record’, press the special light-touch contacts and record up to 10 seconds of audio message . ∙  To play your message back, simply flick the switch to ‘play’ and touch the contacts. ∙  The specialised ‘non-slip’ magnetic back, means the pegs can be used to display artwork on the magnetic whiteboard or even metal filing cabinets. ∙  Includes six recordable pegs (one each of green, purple, blue, red, orange and yellow) and replaceable AG13 batteries. ∙  Dimensions: 10cm x 5cm approximately. Place cards, objects or drawings inside the pockets, then record a 10 second message relating to the object in the related pocket. Make recordings by simply pressing the green button by the pocket and recording into the black box at the top, a simple switch moving from record to play will then enable you to playback the message by pressing the green button again. Each pocket has a 10 second recording capability. Dimensions: 65cm x 53cm. 3 x AAA batteries included. A set of six recordable metallic stars which can incorporate pictures or captions. ∙  Simply press the central button and record a 30 second message then press again to play back. ∙  Each Talking Star requires 3 x LR44 coin cell batteries included. Size: 11cm. A simple recording device with an acrylic mirror surface, providing up to 30 seconds of clear recording time and instant playback. Large record and play buttons for easy operation. ∙  Dimensions: 10cm x 10.5cm x 2cm. ∙  1x AAA battery included per Sound Bank. An easy to use compact single message communicator with a modern design. ∙  30 seconds recording time. ∙  Proximity sensor activation surface. ∙  Picture symbol holder. ∙  9v battery included. ∙  Dimensions: 14.9cm x 14.9cm x 4.2cm. |  Sound Bank Mirrors |  QuickTalker 1 £42 6122 QuickerTalker 1 £49 8409 Sound Bank Mirrors - 5 pack ∙  Single message device with a large, lightly activated playback area. ∙  3 x AAA batteries included. ∙  30 seconds recording time. ∙  Easily connects to other Partner/Pluses to provide a choice of messages. ∙  Elevated platform and slot for picture cards - ideal for teaching object discrimination. ∙  Dimensions: 14cm x 17cm x 5cm. |  Partner/Plus £69 3280 Partner/Plus   Talking Stars £52 8596 Talking Stars Interactive and engaging, each one of the 42 Jolly Phonics sounds is pre-recorded onto a talking tile, the corresponding image on the front of the tile re-affirms the sound being taught. ∙  Press the green button on the front of the tile to hear the recorded phoneme. ∙  Includes 4 recordable tiles. ∙  The 42 pre-recorded sounds cannot be recorded over. The four recordable tiles can record for up to 6 seconds. Each card requires 2 x LR44 batteries included. |  Recordable Pegs £40 6619 Recordable Pegs - 6 pack |  Talking Jolly Phonics £104 6617 Talking Jolly Phonics |  Interactive Wall Chart £25 £225 7162 8219 Interactive Wall Chart Interactive Wall Chart - 10 pack