87 Communication Technology A robust wrist recorder which records and plays back 40 seconds of sound. Neatly fits around small wrists and the removable recorder is durable and colourful. 3 x LR44 batteries included. Dimensions: 5cm x 1.5cm x 4cm. Five lovely metallic microphones featuring a 40 second record and playback function plus a fun voice changer. The three button design makes this resource simple to use. Rechargeable; a four hour charge gives up to 160 playbacks. Includes docking station. This handy briefcase features six customisable, recordable buttons, with a generous 60 seconds recording and playback time for each of the large buttons. Insert images into the button slots. Dimensions: 34cm x 34cm x 4cm. This robust and durable A3 recordable light panel is great for viewing transparent and translucent objects. A 30 second voice recording function allows learners to verbally record their observations without the need of having to write them down. The light colour can also be changed to 1 of 12 available, by simply turning the dial, which enables learners to experiment and investigate with colour mixing. See inclusive.co.uk for a full range of sensory kits and accessories which can be used with the Light Panel. Engage and delight with this set of four glowing writing surfaces and recharging station. Select an A4 board from the docking station and switch on to a chosen colour. Engage and support learners, record findings, get creative and see the designs and drawings glow. There are seven colour options and an automatic scrolling option. Simply press the button to explore different effects. A four hour charge allows 10-12 hours of continual use. Use with any dry wipe pens but we recommend fluorescent pens for extra effect. Simply wipe the boards clean with a damp cloth after use. Take ICT outdoors with a set of ten delightful flowers. With light-touch record and playback buttons on the face of the flower and a 30 second record time, the petals twirl in the breeze. A great speaking and listening resource with many possibilities. Create talking number lines, treasure hunts or record greetings in different languages. Suitable for use in all weathers (indoor storage recommended). Dimensions: 73cm x 42cm x 80cm. Great for speaking and listening and, with a 30 second recording time, this set of six large Big Points can be used indoors or outdoors. Removable clear plastic top, wall mountable. Diameter: 15cm. 3 x AAA batteries per Big Point included.   Talking Briefcase   Wrist Recorder £8 8787 Wrist Recorder £50 8788 Talking Briefcase    Metallic Mini Recordable Microphones £85 8790 Metallic Mini Recordable Microphones |  Outdoor Big Points £72 7325 Outdoor Big Points - 6 pack |  Talking Daisies £110 8239 Talking Daisies - 10 pack |  A3 Recordable Light Panel £83 8107 A3 Recordable Light Panel £120 8791 Illuminated Writing Board - 4 pack    Illuminated Writing Board