Make a sound and the dome responds with the attractive glow of the light. Ideal for encouraging sounds and one to one or group interaction or turn taking. Includes a sensitivity control. Now with coloured and LED lights. Mains operated. Dimensions: 16.5cm x 30cm. 84 Place your hand on and see its shape light up and attract a spiral of light. Run your finger across the ball and watch the spiral of light follow. Operates on 240v transformed to 12v. Contains glass parts. Requires adult supervision. Diameter: 150mm. Enchanting effects for visual stimulation. Transform a room into a magical and colourful wonderland by projecting the beautiful rainbow arc onto walls and ceilings in a darkened room. With LED lights for maintenance free use. Two illuminated modes: Instant or Fade. Dimensions: 11.5cm x 23cm. 4 x AAA batteries included. SENse Micro is an ultra-portable interactive sensory system and is one of the smallest and compact interactive floor displays available. Dimensions: 19cm x 12cm x 15cm. Maximum projection size: 125cm x 95cm x Diagonal 160cm. Weight: 1.7kg. Sensory Technology Creates a superb animated night sky in any room. Plug in and use - simple adjustments provide different effects. Projects a whole galaxy of stars including shooting stars and a choice of cloud effects. Uses laser and holographic technology to give a fabulous experience. Mains operated. £139 4438 Laser Star Projector |  Laser Star Projector |  Voice Responsive Dome £195 6945 Voice Reponsive Dome £25 6942 Rainbow In My Room £25 3589 Plasma Ball £2,495 8708 SENse Micro |  SENse Micro |  Rainbow In My Room |  Plasma Ball |  Laser Sphere Projector   Lightning Plasma Ball   Star Light A sphere projector with mesmerising moving and colour changing light effects. Remove the frosted top and beautiful effects are projected onto your wall. Tilt-able so angle can be adjusted. £40 6943 Laser Sphere Projector The Star Light rotates and projects it’s bright multi-coloured star lights onto ceilings and walls. A soothing and magical addition to your sensory environment. ∙  3 x AA batteries included. ∙  Requires supervision. ∙  Dimensions: 14cm x 12cm. £12 9122 Star Light Place your hand on the Lightning Ball and create exciting lights like a lightning display within the ball. Add this to your sensory environment and watch as it responds to sound or touch. Requires adult supervision. Dimensions: 25cm x 12.5cm. £34 9119 Lightning Plasma Ball