83 Filled with soft poly beans that mould to the body. Fitted with a heavy duty speaker, designed to transmit low frequency vibrations to the body. Supplied with amplification, however an MP3 player, iPad or smartphone is required to supply the music. These devices can be connected in one of two ways: by using the supplied mini jack lead or by using the on-board Bluetooth receiver. Both the Bean Bag Vibro speaker and the seat amplifier can be controlled independently and also have separate bass and treble controls. Bag size: 120cm x 90cm x 50cm (H). Available in all white or blue/green. Delivery 2-3 weeks. Robust strands are ultra-resistant to accidental damage. Equally as bright as standard fibre optics, durable and long-lasting, safe to touch, phthalate, glass and latex free. With LED technology, this wirefree light source is quiet, cool- running and maintenance-free. Compact and can be wall-mounted. Use of all fibre optic products should be supervised. Dimensions: 2m x 150 strands. Sensory Technology A great alternative to a bubble tube. The engaging patterns it creates using the supplied beads are a perfect fit for your sensory room. Safe, low voltage long lasting LED technology. Available in two tube sizes: 100cm or 150cm with a 15cm diameter. Uses technology that can detect sounds - clap, stomp, shout and sing to the tube and it will react with various colours to the noises you make. Safe, low voltage long lasting LED technology. Available in two tube sizes: 100cm or 150cm with a 15cm diameter. A great addition to your sensory environment, the new Giant Sensory Cylinder lights up to create soothing colourful mood lighting in 16 colours. Safe, low voltage long lasting LED technology. Dimensions: 182cm x 31cm. £584 £634 8588 8589 Passive Air Tube - 100cm Passive Air Tube - 150cm £260 8595 Giant Sensory Cylinder |  Vibro Acoustic Bean Bag £1,250 n/a Vibro Acoustic Bean Bag |  Sensory Mood Lights £370 6975 Fibre Optics & Light Source The frosted glowing tube cycles through a variety of colours automatically illuminating the entire tube, enabling the user to touch, interact and play. ∙  Safe, low voltage long lasting LED technology. ∙  Cool to touch, no need for fans. ∙  Available in two tube sizes: 1m or 1.5m with a 15cm diameter. |  Passive Chroma LED Tube £608 £658 8508 8509 Passive Chroma Tube - 1m height Passive Chroma Tube - 1.5m height   Giant Sensory Cylinder   Passive Air Tube   Disco Tube £600 £680 8586 8587 Disco Tube - 100cm Disco Tube - 150cm These ultra-strong illuminated hollow plastic forms are aesthetically pleasing objects and can be placed around the room or used in a sensory area to provide background lighting. Available in five different shapes – Egg, Pyramid, Pebble, Ball and Cube. All shapes fit on a recharge station except the Cube which plugs into the mains to recharge. £75 £70 £70 £70 £90 7890 7891 7892 7893 7894 Sensory Mood Light - Egg Sensory Mood Light - Pyramid Sensory Mood Light - Pebble Sensory Mood Light - Ball Sensory Mood Light - Cube |  Fibre Optics & Light Source