8 Inclusive ClassVR Inclusive ClassVR gives access to a wide range of 360° videos and resources including: Sensory Experiences - a selection of videos that provide engaging multi- sensory stimulation including landscapes, environments and scenes. Physical Development - parachute, scuba dive with turtles, ski and surf. Providing some students with the opportunity to experience things they may not be able to physically access. Plan lessons in just a few simple steps and deliver a defined playlist of resources to multiple headsets simultaneously. Monitor what students are seeing and guide them through the experience, highlighting points of interest. Teachers also have access to Inclusive ClassVR Online CPD Training which includes comprehensive, bite-sized lectures, videos and quizzes. Designed to help you get the most from your new investment. Teacher Portal & CPD Training Headsets, Storage and Charging Case Inclusive Experiences Curriculum Activities Curriculum Activities - search hundreds of readymade resources to build your own lesson. There are currently over 500 pre-made activities covering a huge range of topics and curriculum subject areas aligned to UK National Curriculum and US State Standards. Personalised Content - with a 360° camera, teachers can create personalised content and teach important life skills activities that can help, educate and ready students to live. The possibilities are endless. Inclusive ClassVR includes four ‘standalone’ headsets that deliver fully immersive experiences. Unlike other VR headsets, Inclusive ClassVR does not require any additional devices, such as phones. Headsets come in a rugged storage and charging case providing maximum security and ensures all headsets are charged safely and swiftly whilst being portable between classrooms. £1,995 9177 Inclusive ClassVR *Inclusive ClassVR includes a 12 month annual subscription.