79 Environmental Control 1. EnvirON Hub is the heart of the EnvirON system. Its principal purpose is to receive information from the EnvirON App, wireless switches or scanning remote and turn them into signals to control a TV, music player or any other IR device. It is able to learn the signals from your existing remote controls simply by pointing the remote at the Hub and pressing the buttons you need. EnvirON Hub also provides a connection between the App and any iClick (page 27) mains appliance controllers. Dimensions: 14.5cm x 10cm x 3cm. 2. EnvirON Scanning Remote provides the user with a method to control both IR and mains powered appliances from a single remote control. Large, touch sensitive buttons on the unit allow up to eight functions to be programmed. Can also be used for single or two switch scanning. Dimensions: 20.7cm x 9.2cm x 4.7cm. Each touch button 5cm x 1.5cm. 5. EnvirON App is available free of charge on the Apple App Store, the EnvirON App easily connects to the Hub to control your IR and mains devices. EnvirON App is fully compatible with iOS Switch Control allowing the buttons to be scanned using a Bluetooth device such as APPlicator (page 27) or iSwitch (page 28). 3. EnvirON Wireless Switches can be used to control any single function within the EnvirON system, whether it’s putting the TV on a particular channel, turning on a lamp or just turning up the volume on your radio. Available in two sizes: 125mm and 75mm diameter and in red, yellow, green and blue. 1. EnvirON Hub 2. EnvirON Remote 5. EnvirON App 4. iClick for iPad 3. EnvirON Wireless Switches The EnvirON range of products is a great way to introduce and to teach environmental control to your students in the classroom. Whether you want teach your students how to control a TV, radio, lamps or kitchen appliances and access them through their iPad, switches or a scanning remote, EnvirON is a unique versatile range of products which allows simple control of both infra-red (IR) appliances and mains powered appliances of any kind. Setting up an EnvirON system is simple and straightforward with helpful online videos. £299 £269 £79 £199 8774 8775 n/a 8254 EnvirON Hub EnvirON Scanning Remote EnvirON Switch Large or Small iClick for iPad The means to control your world |  EnvirON 4. iClick for iPad allows you to turn electrical appliances on and off wirelessly using the free of charge iClick App on your iPad. Simply plug your favourite appliances into iClick and control them from your iPad in the following innovative ways: ∙  Direct - appliance/toy is powered for as long as the user touches the switch on the iPad screen ∙  Latching - touch once for on and again for off. ∙  Timed - one touch turns the device on for a period determined within the App, from as little as 1 second up to 250 minutes. ∙  Cooperative - requires two users to work together for the device to turn on and off. ∙  On/Off - one switch turns on the device and the other turns it off. Dimensions: 24cm x 16cm x 4cm.