The plastic egg box contains a dozen plastic eggs which each pull apart to reveal brightly coloured numbers to match with their corresponding pegs and holes. Ideal for learning to count, number recognition and colour matching. Enabling Play 77   Activity Wall Panels   Chunky Soft Bricks   Translucent Cube Set    Sound and Light City Blocks   Wooden Blocks   Count and Match Eggs   Touch and Match Board    Activity Wall Panel Class Pack £170 £65 £160 9202 9203 9204 Activity Wall Panel - Aeroplane Activity Wall Panel - Elephant Activity Wall Panel - Crocodile Activity wall panels provide the opportunity to develop motor skills and hand-eye coordination whilst encouraging learning through play, reasoning and language as well as developing awareness of time, shape and space. £119 9205 Activity Wall Panel Pack This wonderful and colourful set of three activity wall panels aims to engage users in cross-curricular learning through play which develops motor and communication skills. Dimensions: 36cm x 55cm x 35cm. £30 9197 Chunky Soft Bricks These colourful, soft and flexible plastic building bricks are ideal for engaging learners in imaginative construction and play activities. The pieces fit together neatly and are easy to pull apart and the variety of shapes and sizes in the set enables a large range of designs to be built. £30 9200 Translucent Cube Set These great translucent plastic cubes are ideal for use on a light panel and come supplied in a set of fifty-four which includes three sizes and six colours. Great for exploring attributes, for stacking, and for grouping and pattern or sequencing activities. £50 9206 Sound and Light City Blocks A beautifully painted wooden building blocks set including 4 vehicles with light and sound features. Ideal for improving coordination, enabling imaginative and collaborative play as well as developing descriptive language and communication skills. £50 £60 £60 9207 9208 9209 Wooden Farm Blocks Wooden Community People Blocks Wooden Forest Animal Blocks Chunky wooden blocks which are colour printed on both sides with real images of animals, people, scenery and vehicles. They are great for the SEN classroom, of excellent quality with smooth edges and great to handle and play with. £17 9199 Count and Match Eggs £13 9215 Touch and Match Board The Touch and Match board is suitable for encouraging sensory stimulus, motor and communication skills in the SEN classroom. The game involves identifying and matching up the 12 tactile turned hardwood counters, each with a different textured top surface.