75 Environmental Control A compact two channel controller and receiver. Small enough to fasten on to an adapted toy or other battery device, and connected using the cable supplied. Can be controlled by up to three wireless it- Switches per channel. Give your battery toys the freedom to roam. ∙  2 x AAA batteries included. The Control USB will operate any infra-red controlled device, from TVs to toys, and any mains powered device, such as sensory technology, directly from a Windows device. Using the included Control software, you can simply design on-screen grids to: Memorise the functions of any infra-red device from the device’s remote handset. Control up to 16 mains powered devices via Enabler Socket+ (available separately). Control infra-red devices such as a television, radio, air conditioning etc. Access the App via your usual method (mouse, keyboard, eye gaze, etc.). The App functionality and appearance are simple to adjust; you can customise the cells, create as many cells as you need, select the number of cells and their distribution in any level as well as create macros to activate a sequence of actions from a single cell. Control+ can memorise the functions of any infra-red remote control, plus control any switch adapted toy from the switch output. Pair it with the Enabler Socket+ to operate mains devices. A "Plug and Play" device that allows you to turn on/off your household appliances and switch adapted devices using the Control USB or by means of an external standard 3.5mm switch (not included). Use the Enabler Socket+ to control electrical appliances like lights, heaters, fans, kitchen appliances, stereos and with the switch output you can also activate switch adapted cameras, toys and any other devices with a switch input. £395 8686 Control+ £99 8363 Enabler Socket+ £215 8359 Control USB   Control+ Simply plug the it-Control Lite into a switch adapted device (battery, toy, electrical or IntelliKeys) and operate it with the it-Switch or your own switches using the it-Send. Universal 3.5mm output jack. Measures just 60mm x 60mm x 20mm. ∙  2 x AAA batteries included. A two channel toy controller and receiver. Can be controlled by up to three wireless it- Switches per channel. In addition to the same latching and timing options as the it-Control, it has two cooperative modes - press your switches at the same time to switch on the toy, or press one switch for ‘on’ and the other for ‘off’. it-Control Pro can also be used with your existing wired switches and comes with two standard leads to connect to your toys etc. |  it-Control Pro |  it-Control Lite £49 £89 4416 n/a it-Control Lite it-Control Lite & it-Switch Starter Pack |  it-Control £65 £109 4417 n/a it-Control it-Control & it-Switch Starter Pack £119 £159 4418 n/a it-Control Pro it-Control Pro & it-Switch Starter Pack   Control USB   Enabler Socket+