Inclusive ClassVR 7 Inclusive ClassVR provides immersive, sensory experiences where students can safely interact and explore virtual worlds and environments without boundaries or the restriction of physical limitations. Virtual Reality provides engaging, multi-sensory stimulation and opportunity for those students with physical disabilities to experience things they may not be able to physically access. The perfect solution for students with learning difficulties, sensory impairments and physical disabilities in SEN classrooms or establishments! Virtual Reality (VR) Inclusive ClassVR headsets also include a front-facing camera and our Augmented Reality Classroom (ARC) App. Enabling you to bring educational content to life and allow students to view and interact with exciting 3D models. Students can see their normal surroundings, but when they look at special QR codes on our worksheets or posters, the content comes to life! This allows them to get up close and personal with content, such as a beating heart, spitfire, triceratops, planets and other exciting educational resources. Augmented Reality (AR) Inclusive ClassVR is a simple, affordable package that gives you the power to play and create your own Virtual Reality experiences for the classroom.