Hook+ is an Apple MFi approved switch interface that provides a reliable wired connection to the iPad and iPhone via the Lightning connector. Hook+ is compatible with Switch Control found in iOS 8 or later. Once initially configured, switches can be manually re-configured to meet the needs of the user. This interface sets itself up for the application you are using. It comes with USBKeys2 software that can detect the application you are using and set up your switches for the appropriate key presses or mouse clicks. 67 Switch Access Technology An intelligent switch interface that can be programmed to detect the application you’re using and set itself up. Use with up to six switches, automatic update of software database when on the Internet and create your own switch profiles with mouse clicks, key presses or application actions to access non-switch software. The Smartbox JoyCable lets you attach one or two 3.5mm switches to your communication aid. Simple USB 2.0 connection and quick setup make the JoyCable an easy way to get started with switches, or expand an existing communication setup. ∙  A low profile 75mm switch with built-in USB interface. ∙  Requires no drivers - just plug and play. No more switch interface boxes! ∙  Integral switch and two 3.5mm switch sockets giving switch box functionality to two further switches. £169 9191 Hook+ Switch Interface £74 5685 Inclusive MultiSwitch 2 USB £49 8379 JoyCable 3 USB £79 7583 Plug and Play USB Switch - Purple |  Inclusive MultiSwitch 2 Hook+ Switch Interface |  JoyCable 3 USB |  Plug and Play USB Switch A new plug-and-play USB computer switch interface with inputs for up to five switches or one joystick with a 9-pin D plug. Includes a mouse control mode that enables a user to control the on-screen mouse cursor with a joystick or multiple switches. £68 8431 Hitch 2.0 Switch Interface £39 3208 Inclusive Simple Switch Box £99 0994 Crick USB Switch Interface |  Hitch 2.0 Switch Interface |  Inclusive Simple Switch Box |  Crick USB Switch Interface Easy to use - simply connect to a USB port on your computer and plug in one or two switches.  Two jack sockets allow switch presses to send space and enter, allowing you to operate any software controlled by these keys. It cannot be used with programs that require other switch inputs. Switch Interfaces Essential for the connection of switches to a computer or tablet, a switch interface allows a switch to emulate a press of a keyboard or mouse movement to enable the user to access switch accessible software.