67 Switch Adapted Toys Load the magazine full of dominoes and press a switch to make the train chug along, sound its bell and stand all the dominoes behind it in a line - perfect for knocking down. ∙  Use any 3.5mm switch (not included). ∙  2 x AA batteries included. Connect and press a 3.5mm switch (not included), to listen to “The Wheels on the Bus” song (or push the bus along). ∙  Supplied with two figures - the bus driver and Eddie with his luggage. ∙  The driver speaks to his passengers! “Good morning! Time to start the day!” and more. ∙  3 x AA batteries included. Pressing a switch connected to the infra-red wireless control box, will make the train chug around the track whilst tooting its horn and flashing its light. Can be used with toy control boxes to extend the range of control options. ∙  Standard 3.5mm switch jack socket. ∙  Switch not included. ∙  1 x 9v and 3 x AA batteries included. £36 7578 Domino Train Set |  Domino Train Connect and press a 3.5mm switch (not included) to play with the fire engine that combines play- action including raising the ladder, flashing lights, sirens with sing-along tunes and dialogue. ∙  2 x AA batteries included. £42 8380 Little People Fire Engine £42 7512 Little People School Bus £143 4764 TOLO Train Set |  Little People Fire Engine |  Little People School Bus |  TOLO Train Set Encourage early communication and imaginative role play. Construction vehicle has a horn, flashing headlights, brake lights and a lever to make the scoop move up and down.  Use any 3.5mm switch not included. 3 x AA batteries included. Press the horn and hear it beep, watch the lights flash. Press the head of the First Friend and watch the car go! The brake lights flash when the car stops. The car has an On/Off switch and can be free- wheeled. Use any 3.5mm switch not included. 2 x AA batteries included. £108 4834 TOLO Construction £54 6171 TOLO First Friends Car |  TOLO Construction Set |  TOLO First Friends Car This set is styled on the EuroStar service and comes complete with robust locomotive, coaches, track, hand- controller, play mat and a switch accessible controller designed for switch users. ∙  Use any 3.5mm switch (not included) with the adapted controller. ∙  Batteries 4 x AA and 2 x AAA included. £132 8362 EuroStar Train Set |  EuroStar Train Set