65 Switch Access Technology A robust plastic mounting plate for the Small (75mm) Smoothie Switch and it-Switch. Attaches to Universal Switch Mountings. Switch and mounting arm are not included. Robust plastic mounting plate for the iSwitch (page 28). Attaches to Universal Switch Mounting Arms. Also fits the Plug and Play USB Switch (page 67). Switch not included. Combines several mounting plates into one package. Plates include Jelly Bean, Big Switch, Specs Switch, Small Rec. Plate, Large Rec. Plate, EZ Plate and Cradle Plate. For use with one device at once. Available in large for the Big Red Twist and Large communicators or small for the Jelly Bean Switch, Large Smoothie Switch and Small communicators. £20 £20 7612 7611 Heavy Duty Mounting Plate - Small Heavy Duty Mounting Plate - Large |  Universal Mounting Plate |  Heavy Duty Mounting Plates ∙  Switches can be securely positioned and repositioned with these trays and mounts. ∙  Mounts allow switches to be positioned at 55º or 85º. Hook and loop fixing pack for one switch included. ∙  Wires are neatly tidied away. ∙  Cushioned for comfort, the Switch Tray holds switches or mounts securely. ∙  Switches not included. |  Maxess Mounting System £40 £35 £30 0764 1527 1528 Switch Tray - 540mm x 290mm Switch Tray - 350mm x 350mm Switch Tray - 240mm x 360mm £35 6693 Universal Mounting Plate Maxess Switch Trays £16 £18 £21 0765 0766 0767 Switch Mount - Small Switch Mount - Medium Switch Mount - Large Maxess Switch Mounts |   it-Switch & Smoothie Switch Mounting Plate £29 8165 it-Switch & Smoothie Switch Mounting Plate £29 8166 iSwitch Mounting Plate |   iSwitch Mounting Plate |  Splatz Switch Mount Non-slip switch holders. Unique mounts designed specifically for the Jelly Bean, Buddy Button and the AbleNet Big Red Switch (not included). Versatile, fun and ideal to use on a table or wheelchair tray. Keeps your switches in place whilst enabling improved access. Choose from blue, red, green or yellow. £10 £16 n/a n/a Splatz Switch Mount - Jelly and Buddy Splatz Switch Mount - Big Switch Positions either an it-Switch (small), Buddy or an iSwitch within easy reach. Ideal for those with limited finger or hand movement. Fully adjustable switch mount with adjustable arm brace. Stipulate left or right arm when ordering. Switch not included. |  Grip Switch Mount £104 n/a Grip Switch Mount - all options