63 Switch Access Technology ∙  Low profile, lever action switch. ∙  Tactile feedback. ∙  Auditory feedback. ∙  Simple sensitivity adjustment. ∙  Supplied with primary coloured stickers. ∙  Dimensions: 40mm x 74mm x 9mm. ∙  Available with Universal Mount. The Mini Beamer Transmitter and Receiver have a built- in touch/proximity sensitive switch which can operate when the user is within 10mm of the surface. Pair the two together. ∙  Light touch activation. ∙  Low profile - only 3mm thick yet rigid and durable. ∙  Ideal for users distracted by clicks. ∙  Red, green, blue, yellow and black (please specify size and colour required). A multiple switch - five switches in one. It is used to control any device that requires five single switches for operation. Each of the four switches are activated by moving the joystick in one of the four directions; the fifth is activated by pressing down on the joystick shaft. Plug size: 9-pin D (female). The string switch is operated with a pull of the string loop. Requires minimal pressure. Dimensions: 67mm x 50mm x 32mm. Length of string loop: 100mm. Activate this convenient single switch by simply moving your head. The Chin Switch can be positioned anywhere around the neck with plastic tubing that can be cut to fit. Multiple Chin Switches can be positioned around the same tube for users who need several access points. Tactile and auditory feedback. Dimensions: 51mm x 18mm. A very light touch switch for those who have limited movement. Activated by pressing down on the top surface with a feather light touch. Includes tactile and audible feedback. £95 5306 Chin Switch £35 £39 £43 n/a n/a n/a Mini Pal Pad - 51mm x 51mm Small Pal Pad - 64mm x 102mm Large Pal Pad - 114mm x 152mm £59 £38 1002 5114 Micro Light Switch Micro Light Switch Mounting Plate |  Pal Pad Switch |  Chin Switch |  Micro Light Switch |  Lever Switch £215 6870 Mini Beamer Transmitter & Receiver £242 5209 Mini Joystick with Push |  String Switch |  Mini Joystick with Push |  Mini Beamer Transmitter & Receiver £54 5821 String Switch £24 £18 6316 6317 Lever Switch Blue - Waterproof Lever Switch Grey - Standard A slimline switch which is activated by pressing the brightly coloured plate. With an overall depth of 10mm, it requires very little pressure, ensuring ease of use. Can be used as a foot switch. Available in blue, green, red and yellow. Dimensions: 195mm x 120mm. £43 n/a Slimline Switch |  Slimline Switch