62 A lighter duty but less expensive mount. Includes clamp. Requires a Universal Mounting Plate (page 63). Switch not included. Switch Access Technology Simply requires a light gripping pressure to operate. Even users with weak hands can use it. Three grip activators are included each with a different size and grip pressure to activate the switch. The larger the diameter, the less pressure is needed to activate the switch. The Ribbon Switch is activated by bending in either direction. It can be operated by head movement or any tight access area such as between upper or lower arm and trunk, thighs, knees, or under chin. It is also waterproof. The 4" wand can be operated by any part of the body with a swiping action in any direction. Especially useful for those with poor motor control. Similar in action to the Wobble Switch, the FlexAble Switch incorporates a flexible Gooseneck mount which gives more flexibility and range of motion for the user. £89 5315 Ribbon Switch £70 1451 Squeeze Switch £79 1452 Wobble Switch £97 1453 FlexAble Switch |  Squeeze Switch |  Ribbon Switch |  Wobble Switch |  FlexAble Switch A slimline switch which is activated by pressing the brightly coloured plate. With an overall depth of 10mm, it requires very little pressure, ensuring ease of use. Can be used as a foot switch. Available in Blue, Green, Red and Yellow. Dimensions: 195mm x 120mm. Very heavy duty and stable. Includes clamp. Requires a Universal Mounting Plate (page 63). Switch not included. £43 n/a Slimline Switch £69 0406 Lightweight Switch Mounting £69 0407 Gooseneck Switch Mounting |  Lightweight Switch Mounting |  Gooseneck Switch Mounting    Slimline Switch Can be activated by fine or gross movement from any direction. The Access Wobble Switch can be used as a head switch, or activated by any part of the body. £85 5372 Access Wobble Switch |  Access Wobble Switch