62 ∙  The unique ping pong ball construction gives clear auditory and tactile feedback. ∙  Supplied with a versatile mounting system which consists of a gooseneck arm and super clamp, this switch is extremely easy to position. ∙  Ideal for use as a head switch. A large, durable and robust yet soft switch, ideal for floor use. Available in red, green, yellow and blue, please specify colour when ordering. Dimensions: 400mm x 400mm. Switch Access Technology ∙  Operated by the lightest touch anywhere on the upper surface. ∙  Auditory and tactile feedback. ∙  Available in a variety of colours. ∙  Dome Switch size: 90mm x 175mm diameter. ∙  Disc Switch size: 25mm x 175mm diameter. Combines tactile and visual stimulation with ergonomic design. Select from momentary, latch or timed and connect your equipment. Adjustable time from five seconds to two minutes. Blink feature illuminates once every four seconds, illuminates and vibrates when pressed (both features can be switched off if required). Dimensions: 112mm x 38mm. ∙  Extremely durable small button switches available in two sizes 30 (13mm x 29mm.) and 50. (17mm x 49mm.) ∙  Sensitive response plus auditory and tactile feedback. ∙  Supplied with a standard 3.5mm jack and 1.5m cable in a variety of colours. ∙  A single switch that can be held in the palm of the hand and actuated by squeezing the 25mm diameter rubber hand grip. ∙  No tactile or audible feedback. ∙  Mounting options are available. ∙  Cable length 150cm. £52 £72 n/a n/a Piko Button 30 / 50 Waterproof Piko Button 30 / 50 £59 n/a Dome and Disc Switches £148 0999 Grasp Switch £54 4778 Mini Cup Switch |  Dome and Disc Switches |  Piko Button |  Grasp Switch |  Mini Cup Switch £106 n/a Pressure Pad Switch £295 5362 Ping Pong Switch Bundle |  Vibe-Lite Switch |  Ping Pong Switch Bundle ∙  Very small switch for people with good targeting ability. ∙  Comes with coloured stickers for multiple switch applications. ∙  Easily mounted using VELCRO®. ∙  Ideal for mounting as a head or chin switch and in applications where a discreet switch is an advantage. ∙  Tactile and audible feedback. |  Pressure Pad Switch £54 £20 6888 7572 Vibe-Lite Vibe-Lite Mounting Plate |  Foot Switch A new foot switch with three pedals designed to allow the user control of their computer. The Accuratus X3P Foot Switch pedals provide ease of use for anyone requiring speed and accuracy whilst maintaining accessibility. £49 9077 Foot Switch