Highly sensitive and requires zero pressure to activate. Just wave your hand or other part of your body within 10 millimetres of the switch to activate. Visual and auditory feedback when activated. Activation without physically touching the switch. Orange lights for visual cues and beeping sound for auditory cues. Dimensions: 15mm x 48mm x 51mm. Smooth and soft - suitable for head or cheek activation. Operated by pressing the top covered foam surface. The switch pad is made from closed cell foam to provide a comfortable surface for activation. A safety pin and VELCRO® patch are attached to the back of the switch for secure fastening to a pillow, clothing or wheelchair cushion. Tactile and auditory feedback. Dimensions: 90mm x 25mm. With a built-in, screw-on switch cap, the Access Switch lets you easily label it with a symbol. Plus, there will be no more lost switch caps! Fitted with 1.4m of cable and a standard 3.5mm jack plug. Sensitive to touch. Available in blue, green, red or yellow. Small - 32mm x 11mm; overlays up to 1mm thick. Medium - 65mm x 23mm; overlays up to 2mm thick. 61 Switch Access Technology Durable and easy to use switch which is mounted on the finger. It is securely placed around the finger using a flexible VELCRO® tape. It is ideal for those individuals who have minimal movement. FingerButton is extra sensitive with 0.8mm activation travel. Supplied with a standard 3.5mm mono jack and 1.5m cable. £109 5280 FingerButton Switch |  FingerButton Switch |  Access Switch £152 6123 LITTLE Candy Corn Switch £85 0960 Pillow Switch |  Pillow Switch |  LITTLE Candy Corn Switch £23 £23 n/a n/a Access Switch - Small Access Switch - Medium A large, wired, highly sensitive proximity sensor switch that activates when a user’s body is within 2.5 cm of the switch top. Visual and auditory feedback which can be switched on and off. Activates with a wave of a hand or body movement without physically touching the switch. Orange lights for visual cues and beeping sound for auditory cues. Dimensions: 15mm x 95mm x 100mm. £182 9062 BIG Candy Corn Sensor Switch |  BIG Candy Corn Switch |  SoftyTops SoftyTops cover the surface of the leading brands of button switches, enabling users to apply pressure without discomfort. Particularly effective for those using head switches and tender parts of the body for connection. Available in black, red, blue and pink. Please specify colour when ordering. £7 £7 n/a n/a SoftyTops for Piko 30 SoftyTops for Jelly Bean or Buddy Button    KajoButton Soft Switch    KajoButton Mini Switch A soft foam-covered switch with a flexible cable. It has a VELCRO® attachment with a safety-pin to mount onto textile and a replaceable skin-friendly machine- washable blue cover. Includes both tactile and auditory feedback. £99 £22 9344 9345 KajoButton Soft Switch KajoButton Soft Switch Cover A durable, robust and compact 25mm switch with a flexible 150cm cable which provides both tactile and auditory feedback. Choose between black or red. Coloured stickers available upon request. Please specify colour when ordering. £49 £49 9334 9346 KajoButton Mini Switch Red - 25mm KajoButton Mini Switch Black - 25mm