Available in large and small sizes and four colours - red, green, blue and yellow. It has a low profile surface and is angled towards the learner. Large 125mm operating area. Small 75mm operating area. Low operating force. With tactile feedback. 60 Switch Access Technology An easy to use plug and play USB switch interface and wireless switch bundle. Fixed switch caps. Ideal for use with HKL accessible games and activities and switch accessible software. This wireless switch has a large 125mm activation area. Four interchangeable tops included. Supplied with a receiver, so multiple devices can be used in the same room at the same time. Effective range up to 9 metres. 4 x AA batteries included. £109 6315 HelpKidzLearn EasySwitch £25 £95 £14 n/a 4478 5727 Smoothie Switch - Large or Small Smoothie Switch - 4 pack Mounting Plate for Large Smoothie Switch |  Big Beamer Twist |  Smoothie Switch |  HelpKidzLearn EasySwitch £163 £182 4063 4064 Big Beamer Twist Big Beamer Twist with SLAT With interchangeable switch tops in red, blue, yellow and green. Responsive across the entire surface. Easily mounted with a flush base.  With tactile and auditory feedback. |  AbleNet Twist Switches |  Specs Switch All AbleNet switches are made of durable, high impact ABS. They are responsive across the entire surface; are easy to mount with the flange base; have a six-foot lead and 3.5mm jack; and provide audible feedback. Available in green, red, yellow, blue and black - please specify colour when ordering. Also includes three different bases. Simply plug the receiver into a switch adapted device (battery toy or electrical appliance). Operate the device, wirelessly, from up to 9m away. You can use more than one without interference. Includes four interchangeable twist tops, red, green, yellow and blue. 4 x AA batteries included. |  Jelly Beamer Twist £163 £182 4061 4062 Jelly Beamer Twist Jelly Beamer Twist with SLAT £37 £37 4066 4065 Jelly Bean Twist - 65mm Big Red Twist - 125mm £38 £130 n/a 2795 Specs Switch - Small 36mm 4 Specs Switches - except Black A reliable, durable, colourful switch.  Auditory and tactile feedback. Cable length: 1.4m. Rubber foam base to prevent slipping and two threaded inserts for mounting.  Available in black, green, blue, red and yellow. |  Buddy Button £44 £44 £29 n/a n/a 4704 Buddy Button - Standard 63mm Buddy Button - Big 115mm Buddy Button Mounting Plate    KajoButton Standard Switch A durable, robust and compact 50mm switch with a flexible 150cm cable which provides both tactile and auditory feedback. Choose between black or red. Coloured stickers available upon request. Please specify colour when ordering. £53 £53 9349 9350 KajoButton Standard Switch Red - 50mm KajoButton Standard Switch Black - 50mm