59 Switch Access Technology it-Send it-Send Pro it-Stick it-Roll it-Keys page 48 it-Receive it-Switches With Simply Works you can have switches, joysticks, rollerballs, communicators, toy control devices and a keyboard, that work together wirelessly. Simply connect the it-Receive to your computer and you are ready to use an it-Roll rollerball, it-Stick joystick or control your switch software using the it-Switch. Each connects wirelessly with a range of 10m (32 feet) and can work from anywhere in the classroom - ideal for including everyone in an interactive lesson. Up to six separate input devices can be used at any one time using a single receiver. See inclusive.co.uk/simplyworks it-Switch - a wireless switch with a unique low, slanted profile. Gives good tactile feedback with no protruding base and can be operated with the slightest movement. Fixed switch caps. Please specify size and colour when ordering. 2x AA batteries included. Available in red, yellow, green or blue. You can pair this switch to the following:  it-Receive - for computer access. Choose from a full range of options, e.g. spacebar, F7 and F8 keys or left mouse click, quickly and easily with the LED menu on the switch. Smooth Talker - for two switch message options (page 94). it-Click-On Plus - for mains device operation (page 81). it-Control - for battery operated toy control (page 80). it-Receive - a wireless receiver and computer interface. Simply plug the it-Receive into a USB socket and you can use up to six Simply Works devices on one computer. it-Send - plug any switch with a 3.5mm jack into the it-Send and use it with any of the Simply Works receivers (it-Receive, Smooth Talker, Click-On Plus, it-Control) to make your wired switch ‘wireless’. 10 metre operating range. 2 x AAA batteries included. it-Send Pro - similar to the it-Send, but you can use up to six of your own wired switches. The it-Send Pro automatically sets up switch functions for you when used with it-Receive using the supplied software. You can also set your own custom settings. 10 metre operating range. 2 x AA batteries included. it-Roll - a wireless rollerball ideal for those with motor skill difficulties. With an operating range in excess of 10 metres, it is ideal for use with groups or in the classroom to ensure that everyone can join in. 9v battery included. it-Stick - 10 metre operating range.  Left/right click and drag lock buttons.  9v battery included. £59 £69 £119 £199 4413 4414 4412 4415 it-Send it-Send Pro it-Roll it-Stick £55 £55 £39 n/a n/a 4404 it-Switch - Large 125mm it-Switch - Small - 75mm it-Receive Access Technology anywhere in the classroom |   Simply Works Wireless Range