54 Alternative Keyboards and Mice    AMAneo Mouse Adapter Enables people with a hand tremor to use a computer mouse. It electronically filters the trembling of the hand, which can be very strong, so that the mouse pointer on the display moves smoothly. With tablets, touchscreen control is replaced by a normal mouse or an alternative mouse such as one offering head or chin control. The Anti-Tremor Mouse Adapter is simply plugged in between the mouse and PC or notebook via USB or easily connected via Bluetooth with the tablet. It works with any mouse and any operating system without any software installation. Features •  The intensity of the tremor filter can be adjusted easily. •  Includes a click delay (the mouse pointer stops at £189 9238 AMAneo Assistive Mouse Adapter    GlassOuse Assistive Device V1.2 This new version of the popular GlassOuse Assistive Device builds upon the success of the standard version to offer a variety of different options for clicking as well as upgraded sensor accuracy and foldable sides like a pair of glasses to make it more portable. The mouse cursor can be moved around the screen using head movements alone and the integrated switch option allows users to freely perform a range of actions including complete access to on-screen keyboards. Features ∙  Easy Bluetooth connection – no drivers to install – simple to implement and use. ∙  Click choices – four options to choose from plus a 3.5mm port to use your own preferred switch. ∙  Dwell function – without a switch option it works with most Dwell software. ∙  Responsive – less than 1 second character writing speed. ∙  Sensitivity adjustment – three different sensitivity options to catch every movement. ∙  Simple to adjust, allowing for customisation for those with limited head movement. It is an innovative new choice for accessing a computer and Android and Mac devices with four different clicking options to choose from; Bite Switch – offering improved durability and stability. Having been rigorously tested, the click mechanism is designed to be long-lasting for daily use. Its flexible cable allow users to adjust the switch position and a certified non-carcinogenic waterproof silicone cover protects it. Puff Switch - has an electronic system allowing the users to perform clicking actions via simple puffs. Working with a coin size battery, the built- in microphone has a blow trigger converting the frequencies derived from puffing action into signals automatically to do the clicks. Finger Switch - a highly sensitive switch button that can be mounted on a switch mount or any kind of fabric surface and allow its users to undertake the clicking action with any part of their body. Foot Switch - a simple yet highly sensitive equivalent to a regular input mouse which is designed to be used with your foot, Foot Switch is capable of detecting different volumes of pressure. £375 £37 £115 £34 £29 9290 9298 9299 9300 9301 GlassOuse Assistive Device V1.2 Bite Switch for GlassOuse V1.2 Puff Switch for GlassOuse V1.2 Finger Switch for GlassOuse V1.2 Foot Switch for GlassOuse V1.2 the mouse click) and an integrated automatic click function. • There are connections for external switches for control of the left and right mouse button. •  A dwell function is integrated as well as a movement stop while clicking. •  You can connect two separate switches for left and right mouse button. •  Designed to help people with a hand tremor to use a mouse. •  Designed to work with any mouse or operating system. •  Plugs in between the mouse and PC or notebook via USB. •  Connects to Bluetooth with a tablet. •  Two separate switches for left and right mouse button. •  Dimensions: 7.7cm x 7.7cm x 2.6cm.