51 Moozi's flat base is just 2cm high, so the user can hold their hand in a natural and comfortable position. It has a smooth, light sliding action so, with the right choice of handle, even young children soon use it with ease. Using an appropriate adaptor it can also operate other switch operated devices. An alternative mouse whereby all mouse functions can be controlled with the mouth. The screen cursor follows the movement of the mouse and the left and right mouse buttons are operated by lifting one of the lips. Sensitive and robust. Optional table mount. Provides efficient pointing from the chin. Unlike forehead protrusion pointers, an out from the chin device allows closer proximity to the item being accessed and reduces the head movement needed to activate such a device. Available in Standard, Tiny Tot and Rear Strap models with iPad tips. A fully functional mouth operated computer mouse, including wireless connectivity. Performs all the functions of a standard PC mouse such as left click and right click and drag and drop, as well as joystick controls and arrow keys make it ideal for gaming. Includes the escape function for all modes (mouse, joystick and cursor). A new option for accessing a computer, Android and Mac devices. The mouse cursor can be moved around the screen using head movements alone and the integrated mouth switch allows users to freely perform a range of actions including complete access to on-screen keyboards. The EG package includes industry standard input switch supports and original software features. The SmartNav 4 AT package includes industry standard switch supports, dwell-clicking software and an on- screen keyboard. This hands free mouse is very quick to set up and can be tailored to individual movement, ranges and speeds. Simply attach one of the reflective dots to your glasses or forehead and TrackerPro starts to work immediately. The hi-res camera gives ultra smooth, pixel perfect tracking. Additional Reflective Dots available. £240 n/a Zygo Head Pointer £745 1472 TrackerPro £140 n/a Moozi Base with Knob |  Zygo Head Pointers |  The LipStick |  TrackerPro |  Moozi Joystick £290 £340 3488 3489 SmartNav 4 EG SmartNav 4 AT £1,595 5725 IntegraMouse Plus |  IntegraMouse Plus |  SmartNav 4 £275 8749 GlassOuse Assistive Device    GlassOuse Assistive Device £999 7049 The LipStick Allows you to simply glide your finger over the touchpad surface and gently tap (or click the buttons) to perform all input functions. With three categories of desktop touchpads to choose from, there is a solution to fit your needs. £31 £48 £58 3873 3874 3875 Easy Cat Glidepoint Touchpad Smart Cat Glidepoint Touchpad Smart Cat Pro Glidepoint Touchpad |  Glidepoint Touchpads Alternative Keyboards and Mice