49 Alternative Keyboards and Mice A new Bluetooth high visibility mini keyboard. Available in black on white, white on Black and black on yellow. Dimensions: 28.7cm x 12.1cm x 2.2cm. Uppercase and Mac only. Sets of vinyl stickers for the keyboard, lower case and upper case, in the renowned Sassoon font. Five sheets, each with four choices of style in both uppercase and lowercase. Alphabet letters only. These stickers include every key in upper and lowercase. Each pack contains four sheets of stickers, white on black, yellow on black, black on white and black on yellow. Ideal for those with limited movement or who like to use a small target area. All the functionality of a standard keyboard. Keyguard available. Dimensions: 218mm x 103mm x 15mm. Large 1” square keys and bright high contrast keys to make the letters more visible. It is suitable for users with visual impairment. Yellow with black lettering. Uppercase only. This popular keyboard can provide easy access to laptop computers and is ideal for users with limited movement or space as well as younger children. Dimensions: 28cm x 13cm x 2.6cm. High visibility keyboard with large keys useful for those with a visual impairment. Includes two integrated USB ports and LogicLight. Thin keycaps with sensitive and responsive touch. Uppercase keys. See our website for colour options. £67 n/a XL Print Slim Logic Keyboard |  Compact Keyboard |  Full Keyboard Stickers |  Ultra Compact Keyboard |  Alphabet Keyboard Stickers |  XL Print Slim Logic Keyboard |  Jumbo XL II Hi-Visibility Keyboard £50 £50 £95 n/a n/a n/a Compact Keyboard Grey or Black Compact Keyboard Black Compact Keyboard Grey and Guard £10 3124 Full Keyboard Stickers £39 £60 6333 6338 Jumbo XL II Hi-Visibility Keyboard Jumbo XL II Keyguard £35 £78 1947 1949 Ultra Compact Keyboard Ultra Compact Keyboard and Guard £5 0154 Alphabet Keyboard Stickers £69 n/a XL Print Bluetooth Keyboard |  XL Print Bluetooth Keyboard Springboard Keyboard £199 9343 Springboard Keyboard A black silicone covered keyboard that eliminates the need for separate metal or plastic keyguards, has an anti microbial surface and a high-visibility green backlight. It is one integral unit with no hard or sharp areas of plastic or metal. Dimensions: 43cm x 17.9cm x 1.7cm.