46 Alternative Keyboards and Mice Big Keys LX has sixty large, chunky keys including access to function keys. It is available in a wide range of colours and layouts - qwerty or abc. The keys help the user to recognise when they have been pressed with a nice distinct click. A tough, clear and child friendly keyboard with large lowercase letters. Key size 2cm x 2cm. New Bluetooth version connects to any Bluetooth enabled device and includes new sticky keys features. A tough wireless keyboard which is clear and child friendly with large keys and lowercase letters. Optional plastic keyguard available. Starter pack includes it-Receive. Part of the 'Simply Works' family on page 57. The Jumbo XL II has chunky 1” square keys and the keyboard is available in a colour coded layout (ideal for younger students) or in high contrast black letters on white keys. Coloured keyboards are available with either uppercase or lowercase letters. White keyboards are available with uppercase letters. This keyboard has a really simple layout, since there are no function keys. Ideal as an introduction to keyboarding. Large keys with contrasting letters. Available in lowercase with large coloured keys 2cm x 2cm. A programmable membrane keyboard which replaces the traditional keyboard and mouse. It is supplied with five standard overlays which are recognised by the keyboard when inserted under the protective membrane.Helpikeys can be changed by using one of these five standard overlays, or by using the Helpikeys Layout Builder software (included) that allows you to design and print your own keyboard and mouse layouts. The keyboard can memorise five customised layouts. Dimensions: 460mm x 370mm x 25mm. ∙  Layout Builder software to design and edit custom overlays. ∙  Suitable for Windows 7/8/10. ∙  User guide and removable stand included. £395 £65 6328 n/a Helpikeys Keyboard Helpikeys Keyguard |  it-Keys Starter Pack £39 3494 Early Learning Keyboard USB £39 n/a Jumbo XL II Keyboard |  Early Learning Keyboard |  Jumbo XL II Keyboard |  Helpikeys Keyboard |  Big Keys LX Keyboard A standard Accuratus 260 black USB keyboard (UK version) with a specially designed Maxess metal keyguard. Available in many language layouts, lowercase, high visibility, please contact us for details. £90 8340 Standard Keyboard and Metal Guard |  Standard Keyboard and Guard £129 £55 4863 n/a it-Keys Starter Pack it-Keys Plastic Keyguard    Clevy 2 Keyboard £69 £55 £99 7955 4862 8759 Clevy 2 Keyboard USB Clevy 2 Clear Plastic Keyguard Clevy 2 Bluetooth Keyboard £119 £119 £59 0776 0780 0782 LX qwerty white uppercase US LX qwerty Coloured uppercase US Big Keys LX Plastic Keyguard