45 Touch Screen Technology Big Bang Series (3) A collection of cause and effect activities developed for students at the earliest stages of interaction and those with visual difficulties. Award Winning Educational Software The Inclusive ClassMate Tablet and ClassMate PC come with our top 50 award winning software titles pre- installed. Giving you access to thousands of progressive and engaging educational activities for switch or touch screen access. SwitchIt! Extra Series (10) Motivating cause and effect flashcards, stories and activities designed to be fun and easy to access. An ideal introduction to literacy and early language work. Switch Skills Series (6) A progression of teaching songs and interactive activities; from experiential level and early interaction through to making independent choices. Let's Go Series (2) Stories and interactive scenes suitable for students of all ages wanting to develop exploration and early decision making skills. Choose and Tell Series (5) Engage your students with creative story writing with an extensive collection of early choice making activities. Counting Songs Series (2) Motivating software to engage learners of all ages and aimed at those just mastering early number concepts. ChooseIt! Ready-mades Series (22) Develop early Literacy, Numeracy and Science curriculum skills through motivational learning and positive reinforcement. The perfect solution for all children who need extra practice with understanding key concepts. More information at inclusive.co.uk/classmate ClassMate Mounting Solutions There are number of options available for mounting your ClassMate Tablet or PC; choose from Universal Mounting Solutions (VFA and MAG), or REHAdapt Floor Stands, Table Stands, Bamboo Tablet Mounting and Inclusive Tablet and X-Grip Mounting Solutions.