39 Eye Gaze Technology Clicker is a child-friendly writing tool that enables students of all abilities to significantly develop their literacy skills. You can now choose eye gaze as your students input method within Clicker 7 and give your eye gaze users access to personalised literacy support across the curriculum. Clicker 7 is optimised to work with the myGaze eye tracker. Simply select eye gaze as the input method within Clicker 7 and start using your myGaze. Dwell time can be adjusted within Clicker 7’s eye gaze settings. Clicker 7 is truly 'eye gaze enabled' so, as long as your students gaze remains within the edges of a cell or key in a grid, the dwell selection will continue. The SuperKeys function provides a unique ‘zoom’ solution for eye gaze users who need a bigger target area. SuperKeys enlarges keys or cells within a group or cluster. |  Clicker 7 Look to Learn is a package of forty activities designed for those starting out with eye gaze technology. Each activity develops a different skill, ranging from early cause and effect through to accurate eye gaze control. The forty activities are relevant to five key areas of learning and development: Sensory, Explore, Target, Choose and Control. Scenes & Sounds is a collection of twenty six activities designed for children and adults starting out with eye gaze. Available as an expansion pack for Look to Learn, this software focuses on interactive scenes, music and sound as well as eye gaze skills activities. You can add Scenes & Sounds to your existing Look to Learn licence or purchase both software titles together. |  Look to Learn and Scenes & Sounds Add On £411 £206 7906 7915 Look to Learn 1-4 licences each Scenes & Sounds Add On 1-4 licences each A package of thirty software applications designed for the earliest level of eye gaze computer access. Activities are designed to be used without the need for a calibration. Users can develop their screen engagement, tracking, targeting, selecting and creative skills. Five Areas of Learning; ∙  Level 1: Blank Screen Engagement – explore cause and effect. ∙  Level 2: Object Displacement – introduce dwell functions and basic targeting. ∙  Level 3: Zoned Focusing – develop the ability to target specific screen areas. ∙  Level 4: Active Exploration – encourage learners to engage with the wider screen. ∙  Level 5: Controlled Targeting – targeting control, accuracy and understanding dwell function. |  Sensory Eye-FX A musical instrument that you can play with your eyes. With a range of high quality musical instruments, sound effects and the ability to record your performances, ii-Music gives you free reign to express yourself musically, in real-time. ii-Music operates using cursor position and "dwell to click” meaning that you can use it with almost any eye gaze or head tracking system. No need to read music or memorise scales to give this a go - all you need is a love of music. The software is also compatible with Skoog 2.0 (page 103), so you can also use the software to enhance your performance by changing notes or adding effects on the fly.  Control a cursor controlled instrument or use with a Skoog. 10+ physical modelling instruments. Digital effects - fuzz, echo, phasor, reverb. |  ii-Music £150 7637 ii-Music single user licence £650 9170 Sensory Eye-FX single user licence £250 8227 Single computer licence Win/Mac