38 Eye Gaze Technology Grid 3 is a complete communication solution that enables people to have a voice, control their environment and live more independent lives. It’s designed for anyone with complex communication or access needs and includes a wide range of resources that you can control with touch, switch, eye gaze and pointing devices. You’ll find grid sets for talking with symbols or text, and content for all ages and abilities. Content for everyone - Grid 3 is designed with AAC users in mind. There are many readymade resources for everyone to explore, from powerful communication tools for text to grid sets for communicating with symbols and developing literacy. Access your computer and control you environment |   Grid 3 £543 8100 Grid 3 1-4 licences each Symbol communication - a range of vocabularies are available with Grid 3. Super Core, a new research-based core vocabulary, makes it easier for early AAC users to get started and experience success with symbol communication. Core vocabulary sits alongside activity-specific language, with powerful features that make it simpler to form phrases and communicate meaning. Smart Grammar features in combination with next- word prediction, make it easier for symbol users to quickly build phrases and clearly communicate meaning. Popular symbol libraries are included: Widgit, PCS, SymbolStix and Snap Photos. Simple editing - personalising resources is simple, or you can even create your own. Whether you prefer larger text, high contrast colours or larger cells to target - everything is possible and your profile and content can be backed up and stored safely in the cloud. Tools for home and school - if you are starting out with communication, or using AAC while studying, there are tools to support you through your day- to-day life. Computer control gives you full access to Windows using eye gaze, pointing devices, or switch. You’ll be able to control any application you want, whether at home, school or at work. 24 unique and exciting missions. Master control of your aircraft to become a fully fledged pilot whilst learning Geography skills such as compass directions, landmarks and regions across the world as well as enhancing your eye gaze skills. In addition to eye gaze, play can also be controlled with any mouse pointer device, the keyboard, switches and joysticks. Designed for students with some experience of eye gaze control and ability to follow simple verbal instructions, this package is easy to set up and takes the students through carefully graded activities to learn how to use eye gaze with precision and control. |   Eye Can Fly £150 £300 £450 7296 7297 7298 Single user Activation Code 5 user Activation Code 10 user Activation Code Look to Read Look to Read enables children with disabilities to experience and enjoy books independently. Suitable for use with eye gaze, switch and touch access. Everyone can enjoy Look to Read as part of their literacy journey – whether they’re just starting out or already have some literacy skills. Each book is fully accessible, with exciting content and learning activities to offer support at every stage. It includes; 16 original animated stories, 4 stages of progression, 95 letter sounds and 100 high frequency words, 64 learning activities, symbolised chat grids for every story, a workbook for tracking and recording progress and high contrast mode for users with visual impairment. £411 9355 Look to Read 1-4 licences each