37 Eye Gaze Technology Surface Pro EyeGaze Education What's included Surface Pro Tablet Windows 10 Pro, 12.3" high definition tablet, perfect for use with eye gaze! With 8GB RAM and 128GB SSD storage you can run all of your favourite eye gaze programs and Apps. Irisbond Duo Eye Tracker Inclusive Mounting Solutions A versatile mounting solution that can be customised to meet individual needs and environments and attaches to tables and wheelchairs. Offering a portable and sturdy setup including Quick Release adjustment, super clamp and an eye gaze mounting bracket. Inclusive Learning Curve Software These popular eye gaze software titles include 54 activities and are supplied pre-installed on the Microsoft Surface Pro. This collection takes users on the learning curve from assessment and cause and effect understanding through to using eye gaze for communication, learning and leisure. £2,509 £2,579 £2,649 9313 9314 9315 Surface Pro EyeGaze Education Irisbond (Single Mounting QR) Surface Pro EyeGaze Education Irisbond (Double Mounting QR) Surface Pro EyeGaze Education Irisbond (Triple Mounting QR) An intuitive and easy to use eye tracker, requiring little or no training! The Irisbond Duo tracks where your learners eyes are looking on screen and turns that into computer access. This all-in-one bundle offers an affordable tablet and eye gaze solution that is portable, robust and easy to use. It provides all you need to get started with eye gaze in the special education classroom or at home. Mobile & Readymade Solution Specifically created to suit your individual learners needs. It provides the best value, mobile and readymade solution, to help your learners progress from early eye gaze access skills on to independent communication.