36 Eye Gaze Technology Laptop not included. ∙  Includes myGaze Eye Tracker with EyeMouse Play. All in One EyeGaze is uniquely designed to offer an affordable start up package to meet the needs of the special needs classroom. It provides all you need to get started using eye gaze as an access, assessment and teaching tool in your classroom or therapy setting. £2,599 £2,149 £17 7299 7349 All in One EyeGaze - Touch PC All in One EyeGaze - Touch Monitor Delivery charge per bundle (UK/Ireland only) We have had many requests over this past year for an affordable ‘all-in-one’ package to help the special needs classroom get started with eye gaze – and here it is! You needed a system that could be used with different students and in different settings. The specially designed mounting system gives you the most flexible positioning available, with new easy adjust engineering for height and angles, you can use eye gaze standing, sitting or lying down. Quality castors ensure that the whole system can be easily moved from room to room. You wanted a system that was easy to set up and use for all staff and students. myGaze with EyeMouse Play is the easiest to use eye gaze solution on the market and does not require expert set up or training. You needed a good starting place to assess and teach students initial skills and suitability for eye gaze. Attention and Looking is suitable for all students on their first steps with eye gaze and is appropriate for users with additional needs. You wanted the convenience of a recommended computer or the ability to use your own device. Both options are available. You needed it to be affordable – eye gaze systems have traditionally been high cost items, but at well under £3,000, this is now a feasible option for all schools. All in One EyeGaze includes: ∙  A new mounting system specially designed that is flexible, robust and portable to meet all your positioning needs. ∙  An easy to set up and use myGaze Eye Tracker, just plug and play. ∙  A convenient and versatile All in One Touch PC to play all your favourite software with a great screen size for eye gazing. ∙  Or a Touch Monitor to use with your own laptop. ∙  Attention and Looking - A unique software package that can help you assess, teach and stimulate early eye gaze and looking skills. Note: The laptop shelf only comes with the All in One EyeGaze Touch Monitor option. Choose between a Touch PC or Touch Monitor Flexible Stand |   All in One EyeGaze All in One package to get started with eye gaze. ∙  Choice of a Touch PC or Touch Monitor. ∙   Includes Attention and Looking software. ∙  Robust, portable and accessible. ∙  Flexible and easy to position stand. Portable and easy to move