35 Eye Gaze Technology Symbol communication in Grid 3 allows you to use symbols to represent words and phrases for choosing what you want to say. A wide range of ready-made grid sets are available as soon as you power up your device, so you can get started straight away! The grid sets in Grid 3 are designed for people with varying levels of literacy and access skills, so you can choose the right resources for each individual. The popular Symbol Talker grid sets provide a four-step pathway of learning that takes you from early AAC right through to literacy. Using Grid 3 you have access to ground-breaking tools to make it faster than ever to get your message across. Our range of keyboards are easy to use with any type of alternative access. The Fast Talker 3 grid set is included with Grid 3 and provides our most powerful tools for text-based communication alongside accessible Apps for Facebook, Twitter, SMS and much more. Interactive Learning in Grid 3 is a completely new way for people to learn and explore through animated activities. You can choose from 25 exciting activities from looking after your on-screen pet dog Dilbert to designing your very own car, or racing one on a track! In Grid 3 there are a wide range of accessible Apps to help our users do more. There are grid sets for everything, from making a quick phone call, sending a text or emailing a photo, it is easier than ever to stay in touch with family and friends. Grid 3’s environment control enables you to control everything from lamps to your front door, your TV to your Hi-Fi, all by simply selecting cells on your grid. Changing channel, adjusting the volume and accessing TV guides are fast to use and just as quick to set up with our single selection learning feature for remotes. Computer Control in Grid 3 puts you in the driving seat, with all of the tools you need to access your computer using eye gaze, pointing A comprehensive and affordable communication package for eye gaze users. Includes Grid 3, myGaze Eye Tracker and EyeMouse Play. Just add your own computer. You can do so much more with Grid 3. There are new tools and features to make saying what you want, accessing your computer and controlling your environment easier than ever before. Creating and personalising resources in Grid 3 is so simple and intuitive. You can achieve everything within only a few clicks and it is quicker than ever to make changes on the go using the touch-friendly interface. Access your computer and control you environment. |   Grid 3 £480 8100 Grid 3 1-4 licences each devices or switches. There are grid sets that enable you to control every application you need for home, school or work. Grid 3’s access options are comprehensive and intuitive. From pointing devices to touch screens, eye gaze to switches; Grid 3 has innovative new features that make alternative access easier and more effective. The new cloud service means that anyone can login and edit your grid sets from anywhere. There is no limit on the number of people that can edit a grid and you don’t even need a licence for Grid 3 to use our brilliant new Remote Editing service. Join the Online Grids community and download grid sets from other users straight into Grid 3, or share your grid sets with the world. Simply share or add grids, all from within Grid 3. You can also use our cloud services to send your grid sets to Grid Player, or our App for iOS devices. |  Grid 3 EyeGaze £1,295 8099 Grid 3 EyeGaze 1 user