35 ∙  Powerful, easy to use analysis tools allow you to record and review eye gaze skills. ∙  Live video playback of eye gaze behaviour during activities. ∙  Heat map recording showing areas of concentrated gaze during activities. ∙  Line trace map recording showing path of eye gaze during activities. Eye Gaze Technology Reports Extensive option menus allow you to; ∙  Personalise for assessment and teaching goals. ∙  Ensure success and motivation. ∙  Provide progressive teaching steps. Attention and Looking, Exploring and Playing, and Choosing and Learning all feature options to personalise activities for individual students as well as powerful analysis tools. |  Buy all 3 titles and save! £399 £798 £1,197 7605 7606 7607 Single user Activation Code 5 user Activation Code 10 user Activation Code Options Analytics ∙  Instant report and record keeping with ability to save or print out a report giving details of timings, options chosen and heat map analysis of eye gaze behaviour during activities. Use for your assessment and progress records. What is the Learning Curve? Inclusive Eye Gaze Learning Curve software provides an extensive range of eye gaze activities to address a progression of skills; from early Sensory and Tracking, through Cause and Effect and Exploring to Communication and Learning. Specially designed for teachers and therapists to use with a wide range of students at different stages of learning and access.