34 Balloon Pop - your aircraft is on auto pilot – just aim your gaze at the balloons as you fly past to pop them. Eye Gaze Technology Let Aimee guide you through 24 unique and exciting missions. Master control of your aircraft to become a fully fledged pilot whilst learning Geography skills such as compass directions, landmarks and regions across the world as well as enhancing your eye gaze skills. In addition to eye gaze, play can also be controlled with any mouse pointer device, the keyboard, switches and joysticks. Eye Tracker, EyeMouse Play and Eye Can Fly eye gaze software. The world's first magical flying adventure designed especially for eye gaze devices. |   Eye Can Fly Eye Can Fly has four Game Modes for users: £150 £300 £450 7296 7297 7298 Single user Activation Code 5 user Activation Code 10 user Activation Code £995 7625 Eye Can Fly EyeGaze 1 user Free Flight - fly at your leisure, this is a great way to enjoy and gently explore all of Snappy Island or skim around the globe at near impossible speeds! Flight School - work your way through carefully graded activities to unlock the levels. Pass all levels to fly the Big Chicken! Mini Games - three fun games include Coin Scramble, Aimee's Treasure Hunt and Rooster Race. Get your students engaged with eye gaze from the start with this unique and fun package. |   Eye Can Fly EyeGaze What's included.