31 Eye Gaze Technology Designed for simplicity and ease of use, suited for those new to eye gaze and for use with all levels of ability. It’s licensed for an unlimited number of devices and users allowing you to swap connection from a standard desktop PC to a more mobile solution such as a laptop or tablet at any time. You no longer need specialist support and training to get started. Launch the EasyClick software and follow the two-step setup process to be eye gazing in seconds. ∙  No screen measuring or training required to use; designed to be intelligent and intuitive. ∙  A simple 2 step guide to position and calibrate enables you to get set up and start using in seconds. ∙  0-point or an easy 1-point calibration gives great functional accuracy for users with limited attention skills. Position - use the intuitive guide to quickly gain optimum positioning for eye gaze. Calibrate - an immediate one point calibration gives great functional accuracy for most users. Go - Choose the cursor function and dwell settings you want and you are ready to eye gaze! Irisbond Duo can be used with many children and adults with conditions such as: ∙  Physical Difficulties. ∙  Communication Difficulties. ∙  Intellectual Disabilities. ∙  ALS and Multiple Sclerosis. ∙  Cerebral Palsy and Rett Syndrome. ∙  Autistic Spectrum Disorder. Irisbond Duo will follow your gaze on the screen and let you move the cursor and issue mouse commands through input methods such as “dwell” and “blink”. Who is it for? What can you do with it? £975 9307 Irisbond Duo Eye Tracker + EasyClick Lite |   Inclusive EyeGaze Education A complete eye gaze solution for the classroom. Assess, Include and Engage your students with the Inclusive EyeGaze Education package. The Inclusive EyeGaze Education package includes a full set of Inclusive Eye Gaze titles, Attention and Looking, Exploring and Playing, Choosing and Learning, and the Irisbond Duo Eye Tracker with EasyClick Lite. This includes everything you need to introduce eye gaze into the classroom for students with all levels of ability. £1,350 9305 Inclusive EyeGaze Education Irisbond With Irisbond Duo Eye Tracker Attention and Looking These 18 fun and meaningful activities are carefully graded and designed to assess and teach attention and looking skills, simple access skills and understanding of eye gaze. Exploring and Playing 18 fun packed games and exploring opportunities. Assess and improve targeting and access skills and progress from cause and effect to early choice making. Choosing and Learning 18 activities designed to prepare eye gaze users for further communication and learning activities by developing choice making and access skills.