30 Eye Gaze Technology Reliable – Large tracking range and ability to track eyes irrespective of age and ethnicity of the user ensures a successful experience. Works with screens up to 27". Portable – Slim and light aluminium design is easily moved from computer to computer. Hi-Performing – USB 3.0 connection port ensures optimal performance and produces significant battery life savings on laptops and tablets. Simple – Set-up Wizard makes installation into just a few steps. Powerful – complete control of all mouse and keyboard functions in any Windows program. Intuitive – simple and easily understood interface. Accurate – the eye gaze user can improve their accuracy at any time. The Classroom Eye Gaze. |   myGaze Power What's included. Simple yet powerful eye gaze control. myGaze Power gives people with disabilities the ability to control the PC – as they would by using the keyboard and mouse. It is an intuitive, quick and powerful way to access everything on the computer: the Internet and social media, music and video players, electronic books and games, communication software, emails, MS Office and much more. It empowers people to preserve their independence and reach their aspirations. myGaze Eye Tracker. EyeMouse Power Software. £1,295 8443 myGaze Power ∙  Control. ∙ Communicate. ∙  Create.