30 Eye Gaze Technology What's included Simple to setup, calibrate and operate, Irisbond Duo is the perfect eye tracker starter solution for the classroom. Designed specifically for entry level users, Irisbond Duo enables users of any level of technical ability to get up and running with eye gaze to play games, learn and participate in classroom activities quickly and easily with minimal setup. Irisbond Duo is a mobile, lightweight eye tracker that connects to your Windows PC, laptop or tablet to give you eye gaze access. It is compatible with any mouse driven software and offers simple access. ∙  Robust, easy to use, and intuitive. ∙  Maximum accuracy and complete control even with head movement. ∙  Adapts well to most lighting conditions empowering you to go anywhere. ∙  Can be used on any Windows device with a 10-24" screen. ∙  Small and portable – easily transported between computers at home or school. This simple to use software includes a friendly setup wizard that guides the user through an easy two step setup process – just position and calibrate – that's it! ∙  Minimal configuration required to keep things simple. ∙  Intuitive positioning guide. ∙  For use with simple activities and games. ∙  Features 0, 1 and 5-point calibration. ∙  Dwell to Click or Blink to Click modes. Eye Gaze Control Made Easy Irisbond Duo Eye Tracker EasyClick Lite Software Irisbond Duo EasyClick Lite software included. Quick and simple zero point calibration. Unlimited installation licence. Compatible with all mouse driven software. Simplest eye tracker setup currently available. Ideal, mobile solution for entry level users.