A complete eye gaze solution for the classroom. Assess, Include and Engage your students with the Inclusive EyeGaze Education package. The Inclusive EyeGaze Education package includes a full set of Inclusive Eye Gaze titles, Attention and Looking, Exploring and Playing, Choosing and Learning, and myGaze Eye Tracker. This includes everything you need to introduce eye gaze into the classroom for students with all levels of ability. Specially designed for teachers and therapists to use with a wide range of students at different stages of learning. An ideal comprehensive starting pack for any special needs school or resource centre – just add your own PC. |   Inclusive EyeGaze Education From cause and effect to communication. Eye Gaze Technology 29 £1,250 7624 Inclusive EyeGaze Education 1 user Eye Tracker and EyeMouse Play What's included. Attention and Looking, Exploring and Playing, and Choosing and Learning Software The Perfect Solution. Provides an extensive range of activities designed to address a progression of skills; from early Sensory and Tracking, through Cause and Effect and Exploring to Communication and Learning. With engaging graphics, animations and sounds, fun feedback and rewards. Engaging.