26 Eye Gaze Technology What's included. myGaze Assistive - Designed for Simplicity and Ease of Use. Easy and simple, myGaze Assistive is the first choice for eye gaze users in every classroom. Indiscriminative of skill, eye color or ethnicity it is perfect for multi-user setting. It allows anyone to start at any level of ability and build their gaze control skills at their own pace. With myGaze Assistive installed on a desktop, laptop or tablet, children can use gaze to explore, play games, learn, participate in classroom activities, communicate and more. The myGaze Eye Tracker, a state of the art access device that tracks where your eyes are looking and turns that into computer access! ∙  Works with any assistive and mouse driven software. ∙  Works with all eye colours and most lighting conditions. ∙  Small and portable - easily transported between computers at home or school. ∙  Can be used across any Windows devices with 10" - 24" screens. ∙  A product of 25 years of research and development. Designed for the needs of ‘independent’ users as well as ‘supported’ users and their teachers and parents: ∙  Intuitive positioning guide. ∙  Individual profile settings for different users and devices – ideal for classroom & assessment. ∙  Keyboard shortcuts to change settings without disrupting current activity. ∙  Mouse-over-gaze precedence provides control and convenience to teachers. ∙  Easy on-screen ‘Access Button’ and ‘Gaze-at- Camera’ for various levels of independence and abilities. ∙  Rich calibration and customisation to cater for specific individual needs and interests. ∙  Mouse and configuration menu are fully gaze accessible. The Classroom Eye Gaze. myGaze Eye Tracker. EyeMouse Play. The world's first easy-to-use Eye Mouse. State-of-the-art myGaze Eye Tracker. Tracks where your eyes are looking and turns that into computer control. EyeMouse Play Software. |   myGaze Assistive