|  Shield Xtreme Case for iPad 22 iPad Accessories Turn your iPad into a durable AAC device using the iAdapter! The case offers robust protection and utilizes Bluetooth technology for enhanced audio. Included with the iAdapter case are a detachable stand, handle, shoulder strap and USB charging system. Slim case design with easy access to ports. Thick plastic to resist breaking from accidental drops. iPad is protected by rubber on all sides.  Enhanced sound technology using Bluetooth technology. iAdapter case gives approximately 10 hours of battery usage. Available for iPad 2/3/4, Air, Air 2, 2017, Pro 9.7 and iPad Mini 1/2/3 or Mini 4. iPad not included. |  iAdapter 6 for iPad £245 £189 n/a n/a iAdapter 6 for iPad iAdapter for iPad Mini |  Griffin Survivor Case for iPad Griffin’s Survivor military-duty case is designed from the inside out to protect your iPad from dirt, sand, rain, shock and vibrations. Built-in shatter resistant screen protector. Rigid internal frame protects from bumps and drops. Sealed silicone ports block debris and dust whilst all functions including volume controls, silent/screen lock, sleep button, home button, camera and charge and sync port remain accessible. Silicone cladding blocks vibration. The multi-position stand clips on and folds open. Survivor is independently tested to meet military conditions – so it’s great for classroom use! iPad not included. £65 £65 £49 7961 9163 8324 Griffin Survivor Case for iPad Air 2 Griffin Survivor Case for iPad 2017 (5th Gen) Griffin Survivor Case for iPad Mini 4 |  Tobii Dynavox Speech Case for iPad £349 £349 £349 9188 9189 9190 9.7" Speech Case for iPad - Grey 9.7" Speech Case for iPad - Teal Blue 9.7" Speech Case for iPad - Pink The Tobii Dynavox Speech Case is compatible with 5th (2017) and 6th (2018) generation iPads. iPad not included. Built purposefully for AAC with a durable yet lightweight design. Includes powerful, integrated, outward facing speakers that provide AAC quality speech output from an iPad. Integrated handle, strap, and mounting plate holes designed to meet your access needs with one or two switches for control and independence over your iPad. It seamlessly connects to your iPad via Bluetooth, weighs only 570g and includes a built-in stand for easier access. Use with popular symbol based communication Apps such as Snap + Core First, which is available to buy from the Apple App Store. The Shield Xtreme Case offers military grade maximum protection for your iPad with a built-in stand. It has three durable layers of drop protection including; shock absorbing TPU, a polycarbonate enclosed shell and an external silicon jacket. The built-in kick stand makes it easy to position your iPad horizontally and vertically in the best position to suit it. Includes a handy transparent back for easy viewing of engraving or Asset Tags. This iPad case passes military standard drop tests – so it’s great for use in a busy classroom environment or at home. Includes a built-in stylus holder and stylus. iPad not included. £39 £39 7849 9164 Shield Xtreme Case for iPad Air 2 Shield Xtreme Case for iPad 2017/18