17 HelpKidzLearn Analysis & Reporting After each play, Insight provides detailed feedback on performance. These reports transform your student performance data into simple, engaging and intuitive progression reports. Reports can be saved, shared, printed and viewed live on the FREE Insight App. Progressive Learning Insight’s eight Learning Goals focus on key milestones in early learning. They follow a developmental progression and can be used flexibly as an assessment tool, or sequentially for progressive learning. Individualised Learning Activities are arranged in carefully graded steps to enable students to work at their own level and pace, start off easily then follow the intelligent recommendations for optimal learning progression. A wide variety of stimuli are used to suit all ages and interests, packed into fun game designs to aid long term engagement – essential for consistent assessment and continued development. Game Based Assessment Insight provides a wide variety of content and stimuli to suit individual preferences, small step progressive levels to include all abilities and game-based design to maximise engagement. With hundreds of activities, you can continually monitor progress whilst your students develop skills at their own level and pace. No eye gaze or calibration skills needed. Just position your eye tracker and have fun! Vision: 1. Visual Attention. 2. Noticing Images. 3. Fixating. 4. Tracking. Cognition: 5. Look for More. 6. Look to Find. 7. Look to Control. 8. Look to Predict. £199 £399 £599 £799 £999 £1,499 8516 8517 8518 8519 8520 8521 1 student profile - 12 month subscription 5 student profiles - 12 month subscription 10 student profiles - 12 month subscription 15 student profiles - 12 month subscription 20 student profiles - 12 month subscription Unlimited profiles - 12 month subscription