127 Inclusive Software Makes it easy for the busy SEN or Early Years practitioner to make simple slideshows with music for early switch users. The slideshows can also be used with a touch screen or mouse. Simply choose a set of pictures, add a music track and you’re away. Slideshows can be started and stopped using one or two switches. This is useful for teaching two switch control or taking turns, and is invaluable for learners with PMLD or those learning to make choices using a switch or by pointing. The slideshow can also be given a timer so it automatically stops after a certain time. For early choice making, a picture board can be set up with between two and nine pictures to choose from by pointing, switch scanning or using the mouse. Each picture starts a different slideshow, then the picture board is shown again, this is good for turn taking with a group. More able learners who can use a mouse or touch screen will enjoy making their own slideshows with the editor, which is free of clutter and the buttons are large and have symbols. | SwitchIt! Maker 2 | Slideshow Maker £79 £149 £229 7595 7596 7597 Single user Activation Code 5 user Activation Code Site licence Activation Code £79 £149 £229 8877 8878 8879 Single user Activation Code 5 user Activation Code Site licence Activation Code Make your own talking books in a matter of minutes with SwitchIt! Maker 2. Press a switch to see a picture, photo or video clip with sounds and text (also works with mouse, touch monitor or whiteboard). Press the switch again to turn the page and see more. Use your own digital images or import pictures and sounds from the Internet. Includes a library of over 1,500 pictures, sample videos and music, including a selection of PCS and Rebus symbols. Making it motivational - pop music videos, silly sounds, pictures of Thomas the Tank Engine or motorbikes - put anything in that will get you interested and interacting! All about me - keep a meaningful diary or communication passport. Reinforcing vocabulary - put a photo/picture with the spoken word and text to help learn new words. Sequencing tasks - make step by step instructions with photos of the situation. Talking photo album - share a multimedia record of your holiday or trip. Story telling - make a simple story book that can be read independently. Every child can be a champion with these fun games that help develop switch timing skills. The program features five sports that are included in the Olympics or Paralympics. For one or two players - useful for developing turntaking skills. Try basketball, volleyball, boccia, ice hockey or hurdles. It includes a simple training activity for early learners. Just wait for a player to appear on the screen, then press the switch to win a medal. You can change the difficulty level for each player. Accessible using a switch, mouse, keyboard, touch monitor or whiteboard. All proceeds are donated to Leonard Cheshire Disability. We have raised over £23,000 for the appeal so far! See leonardcheshire.org |  Switch Skills Champions £59 £109 £169 8868 8869 8870 Single user Activation Code 5 user Activation Code Site licence Activation Code | ChooseIt! Maker 3 Create, edit and play personalised learning materials These can be used in your classroom and with individual students securely online and then download them to your iPad or Android tablet! Turn photographs, symbols, text and sounds into cause and effect activities, question and answer activities, games, quizzes and more. Download your personalised learning activities on to your iPad or Android tablet using the free CM3 Apps and then use your learning materials offline anywhere in the classroom, on a plane or any off the grid locale! CM3 has a new and carefully designed 'easy flow' editor. You can take a photo with a webcam, record sounds, draw or paint and make an activity with a child or class in minutes. They can all join in and then proudly present it to the rest of the school, family and friends. As well as allowing you to add your own images, CM3 includes a readymade Media Library with over 30,000 symbols and pictures. Use Widgit Symbols, SymbolStix Symbols and IT's pictures and symbols to make your activities. £72 £115 £170 6708 6709 6710 1 user - 12 month subscription 5 user - 12 month subscription Site licence - 12 month subscription