124 Inclusive Software | Switch Skills 2 | Switch Skills 1 | Switch Skills 3 £59 £109 £159 7595 7596 7597 Single user Activation Code 5 user Activation Code Site licence Activation Code Fifteen activities at a higher level than Switch Skills 2, split into four sections. The first section features six activities with a large target, for example Splat the Clowns - watch a clown move across the screen and throw a custard pie at him when he reaches the middle. Other games of a similar nature have themes appropriate for older learners. The next section has four activities which are more demanding, with smaller targets in different places on the screen. For example, lighting fireworks. A set of music activities allow learners to experiment with sound whilst learning to choose using a switch. There are three exciting video games, such as Jungle Adventure. Twenty activities at an elementary level. Press the switch or the touch screen when a big, bright object appears and see an animated reward. Exciting music promotes interest. Higher level activities require more visual discrimination, although most can still be played successfully by those with severe visual impairment. Configurable options allow you to meet individual needs or develop learners’ skills in small steps. Four activities provide opportunities for creative and experimental play by early switch users, e.g. the spray can zigzags over a wall and sprays paint when you press the switch. Topics range widely and should appeal to a wide range of ages. Try out Gopher in a Drainpipe and Mystery Egg at helpkidzlearn.com £59 £109 £169 8856 8878 8858 Single user Activation Code 5 user Activation Code Site licence Activation Code This collection of easy switch timing activities is fun for all ages. The exciting themes provide all the motivation needed to help students who understand cause and effect to develop more disciplined switch use. It also encourages speaking and listening and helps develop concentration skills. The bright, clear graphics are suitable for those with visual impairment and there is lots of sound and music too. Activities include racing cars, gorilla and fruit, soccer shoot, traffic lights, catch the crocodiles and sunflower. Press when you see a car to make it race, or when the bee reaches the middle of the flower. The Monster House activity provides an introduction to switch scanning. Feedback and teacher options are provided. £59 £109 £169 8859 8860 8861 Single user Activation Code 5 user Activation Code Site licence Activation Code