120 Communication Software A comprehensive software package that enables you to communicate, control your environment, control your computer and much more. You can use Grid 3 with every type of alternative access, from eye gaze and switch technology to touch and pointing devices. There are seven areas within Grid 3, that provide different types of content. These include symbol and text communication, interactive learning, accessible Apps, computer control, environment control and education. Each area is designed to provide a range of resources that can be edited to suit the needs of each individual. Grid 3 has been created for everyone and includes resources ranging from simple animated learning activities through to advanced text communication and computer access. Create symbol materials to print. Redeveloped from the ground up, InPrint 3 is simpler and quicker to use, saving you hours in preparation. Create symbol resources in minutes using an impressive range of desktop publishing features. InPrint 3 is an essential tool for anyone making accessible materials for their school, home, business or community. InPrint 3 uses Widgit’s powerful smart symbolising technology and is supplied with more than 15,000 Widgit Symbols, which have been developed to support communication, access to information and many school curriculum subjects. Quickly create resources from over 140 templates for books, vocabulary, comprehension, flashcards, games and rewards. A software package that helps individuals with communication disabilities communicate efficiently. It converts text and symbols into clear speech, and offers tools for computer access, long distance communication, environmental control and more. Communicator 5 comes with language content designed to match various AAC needs, from emerging communication to literate adults. The content can be further customized for specific individuals through easy-to-use editing tools. The modern user interface, improved workflows and smart functions enable the user to communicate quicker than before. The setup guide, quick menu, and improved editing are only some of the functions that make it easier to use. |  Grid 3 £480 8100 Grid 3 - 1-4 licences each |  Tobii Dynavox Communicator 5 £449 £449 8027 8028 Tobii Dynavox Communicator 5 USB Downloadable licence - 3 installations |  Widgit InPrint 3 £179 £459 £1,899 8432 8433 8438 InPrint 3 - Single user PC InPrint 3 - 5 user PC InPrint 3 - Site licence PC An easy-to-use symbol writing program. Symbols appear above the words as you type and ‘smart symbolising’ analyses the text to help select the correct symbols. You can drop in photos and images to illustrate your document, or add them to a word to replace a symbol for more specific meaning. SymWriter’s flexibility allows you to create documents with just the level of graphic support you need. SymWriter is perfect for teachers who want to produce straightforward symbol-supported materials that are easily understood by learners. On-screen grids allow selection of text, symbols and pictures to assist writing. The simple grid designer enables quick editing or creation of content. |  Communicate: SymWriter V2 £149 £349 £499 6339 6340 6341 Windows CD-Rom 5 user copy 10 user copy