118 Communication Software Pre-made Template Gadgets The Boardmaker Software Family helps you create and deliver educational activities to students with language and learning challenges. Boardmaker Software Family With all the features of Boardmaker V6, Boardmaker Plus! V6 is the premier educational software among teachers, speech and language therapists and parents for creating and individualising adapted content for students with learning challenges. It helps teachers and parents create on-screen and printed symbol based learning activities for students with special needs. You can create practice quizzes, worksheets, schedules, books, writing activities, games, |  Boardmaker Plus! V6 and Addendums £203 9308 Windows USB - 2 installations communication boards and other activities that talk, prompt and support your student as they learn. The creative possibilities are endless. ∙  Personalise materials by simply dragging and dropping familiar images from the Internet, your digital camera or other sources. ∙  Print and cut out materials with the help of dashed lines that make cutting easy. ∙  Create dynamic activities for counting, sorting, sequencing and more with movable buttons. ∙  Link boards together into themed interactive units. ∙  Try more than 250 sample boards and 50 interactive templates, including communication templates. ∙  Install optional country specific symbols for holidays, food and currency. ∙  Use one of the 44 language translations to support students with English as a second language. ∙  Now includes the 2000-2012 Addendums and is supplied on a handy USB with up to two installations. The ultimate classroom resource, Boardmaker Studio has hundreds of time-saving templates, gadgets and tools. It’s fast. Create professional print and interactive activities in minutes with over 150 pre-made templates. All you have to do is add symbols to each activity! It’s easy. Create activities from scratch with pre-programmed tools (gadgets) that let you add sorting bins, timers, spinners and more to your activities. It connects you. As soon as you open Boardmaker Studio, you are connected to thousands of parents, teachers and professionals online. |  Boardmaker Studio £246 6129 Boardmaker Studio Windows CD-Rom £77 £12 6853 6080 2000-2012 Addendum Bundle Win/Mac 2012 Addendum Library Win/Mac |  Boardmaker Addendum Libraries Addendum 2012 - Add over 650 new symbols to your library. Addendum 2012 offers symbol support on a range of topics, such as medical procedures, emotions, daily life and science. Combined with the pre-loaded symbols on your Boardmaker software, the 2012 Addendum provides a powerful tool for creating fun and useful communication. Addendum 2000-2012 - Includes all of the symbols for the Boardmaker Software Family. Add over 7,000 powerful communication symbols to the pre-loaded symbol library on your Boardmaker software. Offering a broad range of topics such as animals, food, daily living, clothes, sports, games and school curriculum, the Addendum 2000- 2012 makes communicating and participating in classroom activities easier than ever!