114 Educational Software These symbol and sign graphics from Makaton offer a structured, multi- model approach for teaching language skills. The Collection contains all of the signs and symbol graphics from the vocabulary collections (except for Sex Education) and those from other published resources. All graphics can be placed on the page, resized or printed out. They can be used with Clicker, Word, Publisher, InPrint and many more software titles. Aimed at older learners with moderate learning difficulties. Users are presented with up to thirty one different everyday scenarios in which they make decisions. Choose food in the cafe, visit the Post Office or go shopping. Pay for the goods. Instruction is enabled through a wide range of support including Rebus symbols, Makaton sign language and Signalong signing. Input can be through a mouse, touch monitor or switches. Based around absorbing real life videos with follow up activities and supporting resources, this program reinforces existing money skills and introduces new ones. Topics include personal budgeting, online shopping, basic money skills, money recognition, ordering of money and change. Includes a quiz on money matters and covers vocabulary such as PIN, receipt, wages and so on. Entertaining interactive videos show how to cook dishes such as sausage and bean casserole, baked potatoes, chicken korma and puddings. Associated, differentiated activities include shelf life, information search, put in order, word search and shopping list. There are real life signs and symbols, age appropriate graphics and photographs and extended use of video. Suitable for non- readers, Out and About 1 provides the user with a real life skills environment. It includes shopping, leisure, finance, supermarket, bank, restaurant, travel, bus station and college. Activities include picture matching, what’s wrong, spot the difference and jigsaw. Includes interfaces, menus and user setup, along with switch settings and accessibility options. |  Out and About 1 Plus £75 £150 £450 3172 3173 3251 Win/Mac CD-Rom 5 user copy Site licence |  Out and About 2 Plus £75 £150 £450 3174 3175 3252 Win/Mac CD-Rom 5 user copy Site licence Users can listen, watch, discuss and record their own commentary whilst learning about household gadgets including the cooker, microwave, washing machine, iron, toaster and kettle. Activities include reveal, sequencing, spot the difference, spell the word and word search. Includes built-in record keeping, printable resources, switch, symbol and audio support. |  Out and About 3 Plus £75 £150 £450 3176 3177 3253 Win/Mac CD-Rom 5 user copy Site licence |  Out and About 4 Plus £75 £150 £450 3178 3179 3254 Win/Mac CD-Rom 5 user copy Site licence |  Lifeskills: 24 Hours a Day £49 £149 £229 0687 0688 0689 Win/Mac CD-Rom 5 user copy Site licence |  Makaton Symbols - The Collection £271 8546 Single User USB