Magnifier - enlarges and enhances everything on your screen, making all applications easy to see and use. Magnifier Reader - a fully integrated magnification and screen reading program that enlarges, enhances and reads text on the screen aloud. 113 Educational Software A flexible tool that enables learners with a wide range of abilities to create accurate illustrations for Maths and Science. It forms an accessible work space allowing students to carry out Maths, Science and drawing activities. Splash! includes full keyboard access, pointer only access or mixed mode control. Splash! Primary and Splash! Secondary come with lots of easy-to-use resources for KS1 to KS4 Maths and KS3/4 Science. |  Splash! £138 £138 £159 6934 6935 7077 Splash! Primary - KS1+2 single user PC Splash! Secondary - KS3+ single user PC Splash! All Ages single user PC XP is a powerful tool for adding word prediction, speech and an on- screen keyboard to almost any other software. It works with your word processor and tries to guess the word you are typing. XL offers multiple languages, screen reading and on-screen keyboards. It helps anyone learning foreign languages, provides speech feedback and screen reading of virtually any electronic text in native voices and highlights spoken words. |  Penfriend XP and XL V5 £60 £80 £95 £119 7271 7273 7276 7278 XP V5 Windows CD - Rom - single user PC XP V5 Portable - single user USB XL V5 Windows CD-Rom - single user PC XL V5 Portable - single user USB |  JAWS for Windows Pro |  Dolphin SuperNova |  ZoomText |  Dolphin ScreenReader Enables people with vision loss to independently use a computer with a keyboard, speech, or Braille display. You can navigate the Internet, write a document, create spreadsheets and presentations, email correspondence and more from your office and home. £945 JAWS single user Activation Code 4001 SuperNova is the ultimate screen access software, distinctive in offering a screen magnifier and a screen reader as well as support for Braille displays. Available in three editions; select the option to suit the users’ needs. £475 1878 Magnifier / Speech Single user activation Designed for people with blindness or anyone that has no useful sight. Everything you need to know is spoken, or brailled. Perfect for people that rely solely on speech output, use only Braille, or prefer a blend of both. £780 £715 £475 1874 8665 8650 ScreenReader single user USB ScreenReader single user Activation Code ScreenReader additional Activation Code £450 £575 3998 3999 Magnifier single user licence Magnifier Reader single user licence £44 £89 9339 9340 ABC Maestro Home - 1 user licence profile ABC Maestro Home - 3 user licence profile Learn and develop reading, writing and typing skills within an engaging, especially designed interface, jam packed with motivating, fun exercises and content. ABC Maestro has been designed to offer faster learning through play and includes a variety of letter, word, spelling and number learning games that perfectly accompanies the Clevy 2 Keyboard (see page 48). ABC Maestro