112 Educational Software First Keys 3 is the latest version of the popular First Keys program. A friendly introduction to the keyboard that uses speech, phonics and Widgit symbols in colourful and engaging missing letter exercises to teach literacy skills. An array of exercises stimulate interest and develop vocabulary as well as keyboard awareness. Spelling exercises support literacy activities, curriculum topics and personalised learning. Teaches the many applications of the mouse in an entertaining and visually appealing atmosphere. Move the mouse over an object, drag and drop, drag along a path and practice using drop down menus.  Various clicking activities are included, such as clicking anywhere, click timing and double-clicking.  Introductions to each activity are provided and the successful completion of a task is met with a range of pleasing rewards. Adjust the difficulty level and change the background for high contrast. A complete set of typing lessons for both the right and left hand. It teaches the keyboarding technique for single handed touch typing on the QWERTY keyboard. Users learn the home position, then complete exercises which introduce new keys and revise keys already learned. The application remembers the last lesson worked on in a user’s document file. Lessons are graded, starting with simple exercises. An animated hand graphic on the screen shows the correct hand movement as keys are typed. A fast way to learn to type, its accelerated learning method teaches users to touch type correctly in minutes. Recently developed further with the ‘Dyslexic Research Trust’, to produce a multi-sensory program teaching typing skills whilst addressing disturbances related to ‘visual stress’, by means of a unique ‘Preference Screen’ offering choices of; dyslexic friendly typefaces, font size, font colour, background/filter screens, keyboard and ‘speaking keys’. This typing tutor works at your own pace. See the letter, hear it, then type it. A full on-screen picture of the keyboard teaches the home keys first, then introduces the others through a range of exercises. The program also includes a monitoring system to show where you need practice. Touch Type 2 is suitable for all ages and is adaptable for special needs. The program speaks the next letter to be typed and has the option of changing the font, font size and font colour - suitable for visually impaired users. |  Touch Type 2 £39 0185 Win/Mac CD-Rom |  KAZ Typing Tutor (SEN/Dyslexia) £25 £25 6566 6567 Annual Subscription Junior single user Annual Subscription Adult single user |  First Keys 3 £59 £139 £199 4375 4376 4377 Win/Mac CD-Rom 5 user copy 10 user copy |  Five Finger Typist £51 0597 Win/Mac CD-Rom |  IT Mouse Skills £45 £12 8935 8936 Single user Activiation Code Additional user Activation Code A fun way to help young children from 2 years old and upward to learn to use a mouse. It offers lots of opportunity for language and exploration as well as developing computer skills. The activities are straightforward and attractive with animated rewards. The three suites of activities are graded to introduce successive skills and progression. Each activity includes around five different scenarios. £25 £59 £89 5966 5967 5968 Single user CD-Rom PC 5 user CD-Rom PC 10 user CD-Rom PC   My 1st Mouse