HelpKidzLearn 11 Designed for the Classroom Activities help students to succeed in the classroom, whilst providing a fun opportunity to practice skills and/ or complete an assessment to measure progress as independently as possible. Each activity can be used with almost any teaching strategy, including 1 to 1, group sessions and more; enabling you to create the perfect classroom learning experience. Try it for free today! Reporting & Feedback After each session, activity reports will help you easily pinpoint skills that students are struggling with, track progress and identify areas for improvement. Intuitive and visual analytics provide relevant data, enabling you to concentrate on what you do best: teach. Reports can also be saved and shared with colleagues and parents. Accessible Each activity includes a variety of accessibility features to ensure that each student can access the content and reach their full potential. All activities can be accessed by mouse, touch screens, eye gaze, interactive whiteboards, switch access and include full auditory support. Ideal for students with physical disabilities, visual impairments and learning difficulties. Play on any device All activities can be played on a variety of devices including iPad, Android tablet, Chromebook, Windows or Mac PC and laptop. ChooseIt! Readymades are a secure, cloud-based service accessible through a web browser such as Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer. Opening up a world of opportunities for your students. Internet connection required. T o o D i f f i c u l t W e l l D o n e Keep Practicing Literacy Listening Skills Initial Sounds Free £72 £115 £170 Call us n/a 9302 9303 9304 n/a 2 week free trial 1 user - 12 month subscription 5 user - 12 month subscription Site licence - 12 month subscription District prices / Local Authorities