107 Educational Software A powerful tool for those with dyslexia or physical disabilities, adding word prediction, speech and an on-screen keyboard to almost any other software. Fantastic prediction, new display options and much improved abbreviation expansion. Works with your word processor and tries to guess the word you are typing when you have entered the first letter, the second letter and so on. One key press then finishes the word for you. It also learns the words you use frequently and recently, so it improves as you use it. This information is saved for each individual user, together with individual settings. In addition, it is easy for teachers to select preferences, edit children’s lexicons and add topic specific vocabulary. Includes many of the most important features students rely on like FlexSpell and Topic Dictionaries. Of course, iOS limits to one application at a time, so students write in a dedicated writing space then copy and paste into other Apps. ∙  Topic specific dictionaries. ∙  Send text to email, Dropbox, Google Drive, Twitter and Copy to clipboard. Visit the Apple App Store. |  Co:Writer iOS App for iPad |  Penfriend XP V5 £60 £80 7271 7273 XP V5 Windows CD - Rom - single user PC XP V5 Portable - single user USB |  Penfriend XL V5 Penfriend XL is built on Penfriend XP. As well as multiple languages it adds screen reading and multiple onscreen keyboards. It helps anyone learning foreign languages, provides speech feedback and screen reading of virtually any text from web or word processor in native voices, highlighting words as they are spoken. It will also simplify the typing of European languages when your computer is set to operate in the UK. It comes with several lexicons for each language which currently include French, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, and Swedish as well as UK English and Scottish Gaelic. It even has Latin lexicons. It will also help those with dyslexia and physical disabilities in English and any of the other languages it covers. £95 £119 7276 7278 XL V5 Windows CD-Rom - single user PC XL V5 Portable - single user USB Co:Writer 7 is the only word prediction program to use the context of a whole sentence to predict the next word. This provides the most accurate prediction available - crucial for your most struggling writers. As students write, Co:Writer offers a list of word suggestions. After hearing the words read aloud, students choose the word they intended to write. Co:Writer’s FlexSpell provides every conceivable letter pattern students will try in an attempt to spell words, so interpreting phonetic and inventive spelling. It offers correct word choices that even the most sophisticated spell checkers cannot produce. Co:Writer 7 works in conjunction with any application you write in, like MS Word, on web sites, blogs, in emails, etc. New Features in Version 7 ∙  USB Flash Drive Support allows Co:Writer 7 to run directly from a USB drive (no need to install). ∙  Testing Accommodation Support to quickly restrict features during tests. ∙ Simple Interface – just one window ∙  Works identically with Mac & Windows computers. ∙  Use Co:Writer’s text to speech to read the web and text in any application. ∙  Network Ready to allow access to students’ writing profiles on a network server or USB drive. ∙  Personal Dictionary for quick access to words that are unique to the user. ∙  Downloadable software delivered via email within 2-3 days of receipt of order. |  Co:Writer - Word Prediction £179 7695 1-4 users Activation Code - cost per user