104 A completely ‘hands-free’ drinking system, specifically designed for those who cannot use their hands or have limited mobility. 1 Litre bottle supplied. Accepts vessels max 92mm diameter. Supplied with an anti-siphon, non- return bite valve, reducing the effort required to suck. May also be used in a ‘safe-siphon’ mode by those who cannot suck fluids. For cold or warm drinks, nutritional mixes and thickened fluids. Free-standing and self-supporting on flat surfaces. Weighted base, Dycem® non-slip feet. Use from a chair or bed (due to adjustment) and reach 700-750mm approx. Completely washable with removable parts (drinking tubes and bite valves being washable and reusable or disposable). Drinkup Consumables Parts Pack available. Healthcare Products A comfortable cervical spine support. Originally designed for people suffering from arthritis, but has been found to be appropriate and of great benefit to people suffering from many other disabilities including: Progressive neurological conditions such as motor neurone disease, congenital conditions such as cerebral palsy, whiplash, head and spinal cord injury and burns. Constructed from surgical rubber tubing around a malleable core, the tubing is covered with a brushed nylon material that allows the Velcro attachments to adhere anywhere. Each collar is supplied pre- assembled and ready to use - just bend it to the desired fit by hand. Fitting Instructions are enclosed with the collar. Extension Pads, Neck Pads, spare Chin Pads, Spare Neck straps and Anterior Support is available. Please note this product cannot be returned. Collar to be fitted by a professional, contains latex. Available in non-latex. See inclusive.co.uk for all options. |  Headmaster Collar |  Drinkup Drinking System £70 £70 £70 5250 5251 5252 Large - Dimension 'A' 127mm (5.0in) Medium - Dimension 'A' 114mm (4.5in) Small - Dimension 'A' 102mm (4.0in) £95 8547 Drinkup Hands-free Drinking System The Ergo Rest provides the answer for those who require support for their forearm when eating, typing or working at a table. The Ergo Rest reduces fatigue and strain and improves arm mobility and dexterity. Provides horizontal movement. Suitable for keyboard operation and a wide range of other activities, both at work and leisure. Quality of manufacture and finish is a major feature. The unit clamps easily to the edge of a table or desk. It can be fitted to a wheelchair using the Mobilia wheelchair clamp and adaptor. The height may be adjusted quickly and easily. The Ergo Rest is available with a range of options including different pad and arm sizes, mouse pads and wheelchair mounting, all with two different clamp sizes. |  Ergo Rest Mobile Arm Support An innovative solution enabling hydration on the move! Easily attaches horizontally or vertically to circular tubing of wheelchairs/ bedframes with a diameter of 22mm to 35mm. Converts tube-fed hydration bladders and bottles for totally hands-free use! This solution saves time and increases independence, whilst encouraging an individual to drink fluids regularly. Compatible with The Hydrant, CamelBak® Better Bottles & Reservoirs, Platypus Hoser/Big Zip/Insulator, Sigg Bottles* & disposable 'PET' bottles* (water/soft drink bottles). Bottle is included in the pack. Supplied with: Wheelchair/ Powerchair Frame Clamp, Adaptor Set, Flexible Arm, Adjustable Bottle Cage, Drinkup Travel Lite 0.75L Bottle, Bite Valve Holder & Fluid Tube Clips and all fixings, allen keys & instructions. *When used with SmarTube®. |  Drinkup Travel Lite £90 5285 Drinkup Travel Lite From £65 From £71 £99 n/a n/a 3320 Ergo Rests - Standard Arm Ergo Rests - Long Arm Ergo Rest Armrest with Mouse Pad