Skoog Skratch App - make and share music in seconds with Skoog Skratch a VoiceOver accessible sampling App for children, musicians, and everyone in between! Simply tap to record, play and share with music makers all over the world. Connect your Skoog, and use it to play your own samples recorded straight into the App using the microphone on your iOS device. If you are new to "music making", getting started at making great sounding tracks has never been this easy - and sound so great! Skoog Skratch has five coloured tiles. Record a sound into each one. Tap the tile to play it back. Create an addictive beat when out in the park using the microphone on your iPhone, then AirDrop to your iPad back at home or at school and share with all your friends! Skoog Bluetooth MIDI App - this musical instrument can change the way you and your family can enjoy, create, and learn music – no matter what your skills, abilities, and musical talents. Download the FREE App, to enable wireless connection with your Mac. Quickly connect your Skoog using the Bluetooth MIDI connection panel, then set up whatever scales or notes you like! It’s the perfect way to connect your Skoog into GarageBand, Logic Pro X or other DAW. Choose what MIDI data to send and change sensitivity settings. Whatever your skills, abilities and musical talents, the Skoog 2.0 enables accessible, expressive "music making" for children, parents, teachers, musicians and families. Whether you tap it, twist it or squeeze it, the Skoog 2.0 senses your touch and cleverly interprets your every move to make beautiful sound. Adjustable sensitivity means that you can play Skoog 2.0 intuitively with any part of your body: hands, elbows, knees or head. Lightweight and portable, it’s so easy to set up and use. Connecting via Bluetooth LE or USB the Skoog 2.0 comes with its own free App or can be used as a controller for other MIDI compatible music Apps. The App integrates with your iTunes media library or music streaming service and automatically tunes your Skoog 2.0 so you can play with the music you love. Lightweight and portable.  System Requirements: Bluetooth Low Energy. iOS 7 or 8. Mac OS X v10.6 or later. £166 8300 Skoog 2.0 | Skoog 2.0 103 Educational Technology   Roli Lightpad Block M £158 9357 Roli Lightpad Block M   Robo Wunderkind Turn creating, exploring and learning into the basics of robotics and coding. Fun open-ended cause and effect play with Robo Wunderkind learners can build and program real, functional robots straight out of the box. Robots can easily be programmed and controlled using two free Apps, available for iOS, Android, and Windows based devices. Robo Wunderkind Starter Kit - take the first steps into using modular robotic kits with this pack and contains everything need to get started. It includes; Main Block, Button, DC Motor, Small Wheel, Wheel, Lego™ Connectors, RGB Light and Connectors. Robo Wunderkind Education Kit - the Education Kit is a fun and valuable addition to the SEN classroom. It includes; all of the Starter Kit plus Distance Sensor, Servo Motor, Connector Block and Wired Connector. £135 £188 9361 9362 Robo Wunderkind Starter Kit Robo Wunderkind Education Kit A pocket-sized digital audio workstation controller with a soft, touch-sensitive surface. The surface includes 225 microkeywave sensors making it more sensitive to movement and pressure, allowing you to easily create music with simple touch gestures - strike, slide, glide, press and lift. Intuitive and easy to use, it also includes an illuminated grid surface from high definition LEDs to help you play in tune and provides a more precise playing experience. Compatible with desktop and mobile devices, it can be used wirelessly via Bluetooth and also has a USB connection for charging or connection to non-Bluetooth computers. Included with the Roli Lightpad Block M is a suite of music making software and hundreds of free sounds ranging from funky synths to string sections and drums allowing you to learn to play the sounds of a variety of instruments on one portable device (not included).