101 Educational Technology The Beamz Switch Pack includes everything you need to make the Beamz switch accessible. The pack includes four wireless coloured switches, red, yellow, green and blue and a USB wireless receiver. (Beamz not included). Transform classrooms into learning environments where skill building takes place through music. Universally designed so it is accessible to students of all learning and physical abilities – Beamz is switch and adaptive keyboard accessible and also allows users to break the beams on-screen using an eye gaze device. Beamz’ versatility in its application context is unmatched; you can work on cause and effect, directionality, sequencing, fine and gross motor skills, common core subjects and more. The extensive music library includes songs from all genre types and introduces your learners to instruments and music styles. Songs are created in such a way that musicians and non-musicians sound great, the first time and every time! Lasers are triggered by: ∙  Physically interrupting the laser beam with any body part or object. ∙  Any PC based eye gaze device. ∙  Using an adapted keyboard. ∙  Attaching an interface and switch. ∙  Using a computer or iOS smart device with a touch screen or interactive whiteboard. Beamz is being used in homes, schools, rehabilitation centres and hospitals across the country and is universally designed so that you can provide your users with as much, or as little, support as they may need to make incremental progress. Education Edition includes Beamz laser controller, USB cable, Bluetooth dongle, Beamz Studio software, Cross Platform (Windows/ Mac/iOS) Player software and 50-song DVD, Virtual DJ software, Beamz Apple Store access to Mac Player and 50-song redemption code and an activity guide. Home Edition includes Beamz laser controller, USB cable, Bluetooth dongle, Cross Platform (Windows/Mac/iOS) Player software and 36-song DVD and an activity guide. | Beamz Interactive Music System - eye gaze enabled £259 7312 Beamz Wireless Switch Pack £250 £166 6972 8442 Beamz - Education Edition Beamz - Home Edition | Beamz Wireless Switch Pack £145 £160 0603 4422 Reading Pen - Oxford Edition Reading Pen - Oxford Touch Screen | Reading Pen Oxford Edition £199 n/a Juke24 Portable Digital Jukebox Load your favourite audio onto the Juke24 to play anytime, anywhere, at the push of a button. You can load up to 48-hours of any music or audio from CD, computer, smartphone, laptop or flash drive, even read and record songs, poems or books to listen to, anytime. Available in Black/Grey, Red/Yellow or Pink. The Blue-Bot TacTile Reader provides a fun and innovative way to program the Blue-Bot. Simply place the included tiles in a row on the TacTile Reader to build up a sequence of instructions, press go and see Blue-Bot complete the program. Up to three readers can be connected together so users can build a program of up to thirty steps. TacTile Reader is rechargeable and 25 tiles are included. Dimensions: 41cm x 13cm x 6.6cm. A tile extension pack is also available containing a variety of different tiles. This device has been revised and will now scan a word or a whole line from printed text and then display it in large characters. It will read the word to you and then show or read a definition from the Oxford Concise Dictionary and if you are left handed it flips it's display over. English voice, simple menu operation and enhanced scanning. You can also lock the dictionary access for use in tests. Adjustable speech volume, speed and pitch. |  Blue-Bot TacTile Reader £80 £30 8425 8426 Blue-Bot Programming TacTile Reader Blue-Bot TacTile Extension Pack   Juke24 Portable Jukebox